Is Your Money Clean or Funding Negative Externalities?

You have the power to vote with money.  You can choose to spend or not spend on the basis of where that money is going.  You are sending a signal when you purchase items or direct money.  Is your money going to fund violence, destruction of the environment, surveillance, over consumption or… Continue reading

A New Era of Peace and Happiness for Little Children

This poem I felt inspired to write today as I contemplate one of the darkest issues on our planet – Pedophilia, I can barely write the words it so horrifies me. So I have felt to write and see what wisdom arises to help me to make peace with this. I feel the geometric circle… Continue reading

Life is a Mirror – Fears Coming Up – Who Are You?

I just felt to allow the words to flow.

I had a realisation as I study the Law of One, fears must come up at this time for people to really face themselves.  We as a global community live normally in denial of our discrimination’s, prejudices and resistance to diversity.  We decide if… Continue reading

What is Trumps Reflection on Time?

I just allowed the poem to write itself.  I love poetry, you never know what unfolds.

Are we really in control?




What is the trump card?

A royal flush?

A pontoon?

Sleight of hand?

To truly understand?



To come up trumps,

Is to have the… Continue reading

The World Community is Choosing the Future

The World community,

Has entered a space of great change,

For you can no longer sit on the side lines,

You can no longer bury your head in the sand,

Citing I am not in control,

I have no choice,

Yet every person chooses the future,

Thought, word and action are the templates molding the… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”