The World Community is Choosing the Future

The World community,

Has entered a space of great change,

For you can no longer sit on the side lines,

You can no longer bury your head in the sand,

Citing I am not in control,

I have no choice,

Yet every person chooses the future,

Thought, word and action are the templates molding the clay,

All believe then choose,

Choose what they believe,

For how many ask:

Is it true?


When you do a new portal of awareness opens,

A new way will present itself as the pre-sent,

As the deck chairs rearrange on the Titanic,

We get to decide if we sink or swim,

For the ice is melting at a rapid rate,

Wars are running on empty,

Materialism is sinking under its own weight,

For the earth cannot sustain such a pay load,

For we are out of balance with truth, justice and nature,

And a new paradigm is arising through the mist of the morning sun,

Our life is about fun

not suffering,

When you drop the fear,

Wipe away the tears,

Remember King Lear’s Fools,

All Fool’s speak truth to power with humour,

An evolutionary Fool,

Don’t be fooled,

Re-claim your future from those with slight of hand,

Re-state your claim to your bounty which is infinite abundance,

Do you understand?


You have the power to change the world,

You are the miracle the world is waiting for,

If not you then who?

But remember it is nonviolence that ignites the flame of liberty,

It is living in simplicity from which abundance naturally flows,

For we are infinite creators,

Each on her or his mission,

You do not need permission to live your truth,

Free will is a natural endowment,

Allow creativity to fly the flag of new beginnings,

As the old is ending,

On time.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”