Koch Brothers Wish to Repeal Social Security and Government Taxation?

Fascinating what Bernie Sanders is saying.  He says the Koch Brothers have economic wealth of $80 billion. Their wealth increased by $12 billion. Koch Industries is the second largest privately owned company invested primarily in the energy industry.

So they won’t be to interested in free energy or intentional communities. I don’t think they will be vegetarians, environmentalists or libertarians in the sense of freedom as a spiritual or self actualisation ideal. I can’t see them meditating, perhaps contemplating on politics it seems whilst having a nice cup of tea.  

It is funny I’ve never ascribed to monetary wealth. I marvel at how much some people have. How much can you spend? We are all different. I found wealth in truth and happiness and in living in a way where I never know what will happen the next day or who I will meet. I love the mystery of life. I never cared for prestige or status. I have had experiences where I was making money but I didn’t like the predictability of the lifestyle or the opulence. I love the edge. I love not knowing. When you stand on an edge you either sink or fly.  I love to fly. So I have to be free to make that choice. I don’t fear poverty or wealth, I just live in the now and know all is good. Such peace I feel. I think those in the thick of money can never know who to trust, they are greeted with smiles never knowing who truly loves them and especially they cannot know their true selves as they don’t have much time alone, always gaps are filled.

I guess when you lose your money you find out alternative truths. That is a great experience as you see that you are not who you thought you were. You are nothing if money is how you are valued. You realise when you fall that few help you as you are perceived as weak in their eyes. Friends fall away, and imagine, if you find yourself on the street hungry say through a calamity. That is a huge wake up call. A huge gift. It gives you an experience of vulnerability as contrasted with invincibility which most wealthy people feel. It is not their fault they just don’t know what it is like to rely on nature and the goodwill of others for food or support. That is when community becomes important. Many men would be humiliated as they feel they failed as men, yet life can turn things around. You can lose your health is a similar thing, your perceived power declines. You may have a near death experience and see none of it is real, that would be a real life shift. Whatever the moment you realise you are human and not in control. You find yourself on your knees, your ego shattered, then a space arises and you find peace. That is the real magic. This is the real wealth that is the real life. Inner peace is something you cannot buy, you can only smile when you feel it and know you need for nothing, even if in the eyes of society you appear poor. Who cares. I really love that equality in nature that is silently present awaiting discovery on this journey home. You laugh at your own ego and misunderstanding. It is funny.

Now returning to US politics. Bernie Sanders speaks of the influence of the Koch Brothers on the election process.  He states the Koch Brothers are prepared to spend whatever it takes to elect people that they support. Where is democracy in that? Hmmm is that fair? These individuals have the influence to shape the United States in their image, but only because other people respond to money not ethics. I don’t think Abraham Lincoln had that in mind for the US, he was a libertarian and a deeply fair man. During his time he abolished slavery as prejudice kept a demographic of people in bondage to be used by industrialists to make money. The wealthy regarded the former African people as inferior so they believed they could treat them with disrespect and some were very cruel to them, seeing them as chattels rather than equal humans. This is where paper money distorts reality. The arrogance of technology can distort other gifts and merits in people that may not be understood by the so-called dominant class. So they lived off the slavery of others to make millions. In truth they were dependent on their labour hence I would think why unemployment is anathema. Can’t make money when people are drawing money. Yet they do pump prime the economy given they spend locally. The multiple propensity to consume means that money multiplies when people spend. That is what feeds economic growth. So unemployed people are not a drain on the economy they tend to support small business. Yet they are not controlled and the protest work ethic ensures people believe they have to work to be responsible. Yet native people like the traditional Africans had a tribal society far more community minded then we have ever known. They knew co-dependency but it was not through control it was through sharing and familial relationships. Something lost in capitalism and the quest for individual success as an egoic testimonial. When you are employing people they are dependent, you can dictate their lives whilst working. Yet in truth it is the industrialists that are dependent on the labour of people, even with technology. To ensure access to cheap labour this modus operandi  can be transferred to poor countries where poor people are paid a pittance to keep these massive industries going. Typically those in poverty are not educated so there is an advantage over them through their ignorance. If people are poor and desperate they are easier to control and manipulate.  It is interesting. Although the internet is changing that balance. So inequality is why wealth exists. Wealth exists because of inequality, they go hand in hand. So this is incongruent with the US Declaration of Independence

“…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

The question is does money buy you happiness? Does poverty and poor education bring you happiness? Is it all about men? And yes they are endowed with unalienable virtues I would say including life, liberty and happiness. We all get to choose what reflects us. Life becomes a lot easier when all are treated equally.

Yet isn’t democracy an interesting idea.  It is supposed to be about representation of the people by the people, not a few people. Hmm one vote one value, is it true? Yet wealth is valued over equality. This is where wealth is associated with success and others admire this as it is supposedly the American dream. The belief you work hard you are rewarded. Is that true? Some single mothers work two jobs to support children. Therefore is it true to say not every American (or other similar country) can have an equal chance of earning this type of money. If money talks then democracy walks, as the majority are silenced through not having access to their representatives, money opens the door. That is the feeling I have. Thus democracy is sharing power (equality, fairness) and fascism is controlling power (power over) and removing rights as they become a barrier to free markets. So why is sharing threatening? People feel secure when in control they feel uneasy when they are uncertain, so psychologically they have to create in their world a world that is predictable and safe for them as they are insecure within (just felt that wisdom).Yet real security resides in our spirit that trusts life, allows others to determine themselves, flows with situations and looks for the lesson, always positive amidst change, finding peace where they are. Control is strategic and clever it figures out ways to suppress, force, coerce, impose or imprison in order to feel in control and service self interest as security.

I find I have absolutely no desire to control.  I never wanted to be a manager, it never felt comfortable telling others what to do, it never felt fair within me nor true. So for me, I did my own thing and allowed others to do theirs. I loved them to have freedom, liberty is that type of freedom. I love to see people happy and I love the diversity of difference. I found people are so fascinating, so talented and capable when left to their own self determination. Control tends to stiffen life, it creates rules and rigidities, it feels conservative and boring (in my experience), no creativity flows, no challenge flows, people just feel oppressed, task oriented and they don’t speak up for fear of losing jobs etc. So they lose freedom or the power to determine their lives. That type of environment I found stagnant and I noted through observations human rights tend to decline overtime as they are seen as threats rather than freedoms in accordance with humanitarian perspectives and democracy. So I moved out of it. Now I let life and let go. I feel so free. I feel so abundant. I allow spontaneity to guide. I don’t care about outcomes. 

This is an article I put together on the Koch Brothers when I first heard of them. Refer  https://wpas.worldpeacefull.com/2014/11/mad-hatter-or-koch-er-at-the-tea-party/

I smile at the heading.  You will never hear a person on Social Security calling for its abolition. They seek security through money so I guess that is where the Koch Brothers and ordinary people intersect. They have investments others have receipts (welfare payments).

When you feel love for people you naturally give. Love moves us to a feeling of oneness, family.  It is our true nature to help. I recall here in Australia when people were in need up in Queensland (flooding) people were in a traffic jam coming into Brisbane, to help. Money tends to create poverty as people believe there is not enough. Others attach their personal value to the amount of money they have. Yet all are born equal with diverse gifts. So inequality in monetary distribution on the basis of market signals that value profit. The market system is not a natural ecosystem, it follows profit not humanity. So when money is above people the philosophical position has to be one of self interest, as they are rewarded for selfishness not love. Yet universally we are rewarded when we give, it returns in a myriad of ways. As life is connected. When you become selfish you start to feel empty inside, you need things to keep you feeling this sense of expansion, growth. Yet the real growth is within and that can only happen when you allow truth to guide you. Truth is universal not out of academic institutions or in the media. It feels good and you smile.

Self interest is a massive distortion that occurs through economics. We know it is dysfunctional as the planet is out of balance from over extraction and no real sense of connectedness to externalities (pollution, resource depletion, environmental damage, social breakdown, poverty). The economy is collapsing globally as greed is not sensitive to homeostasis (balance), it wants to grow yet nature cannot sustain high levels of materialism.  I always smile at wealthy people as they see losers in poverty, yet are they truly abundant? If people are truly abundant they feel they have something to give. When people take and then give with an intention of vested interest they are always serving interests not humanity. This reflects a separation from the essential oneness of who we really are. So it creates disparity. This leads to breakdown.

I send love and peace to the Koch Brothers, we each walk our path. When we pass over we are all shown the reality of our universal life which does go on. My understanding is that the purpose of life is to love each other, to not judge, to give to all as if yourself, to become fearless. Yet we are all on a journey and who is it for me to judge anyone. I think people do their best given their perspective of the world. We are all learners and teachers in this ocean of life, not one better than another. Equality has been the word coming to me lately, I feel it as a global solution not just a slogan but taught to every person on the planet.  We are not here long, let’s make it great for everyone.  Let democracy really be lived, you will be amazed what happens.  The pie expands. That is the secret. This is the real social security that uses money to expand visions, laughter and boundaries.

Bernie Sanders gives an overview of the richest men in the United States, the Koch Brothers. 


Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”