Does Google Facebook Dictate What People Think?

What do you think or feel?  Interesting debate discussing what pops up on your iPhone or computer.  Are we being listened in on.  Is Silicon Valley controlling information? Are we moving towards an Orwellian surveillance global order?

Are you right am I wrong?  Am I right and you wrong?  What… Continue reading

Israel’s Genie Filling the Gold mans Energy Sachs in Syria

A article by Tru News, the plot gets bigger the hole gets deeper as we drill down in search for truth.  These are world wide webs.

Below is my poem that I felt inspired to write.


The Middle East: A Child’s Eden

Is Murdoch Seeking a Utopia for Realists? Part 1

The New York Times have written an extensive piece on Rupert Murdoch.  The title I’ve created is about freedom for those in power and bondage for the rest of us.  I see this as control of thoughts, ideas and politics for personal gain.  It is the news of the world in one… Continue reading

How Dark Money Can Elect Politician’s and Shape USA

The same questions asked by the US Congresswoman apply to Australia given the powerful influence of US interests here and the fact Australia is trending to follow the US model.

I found this Congresswoman by chance when I noticed a misogynist and ageism response to her speech, it inspired me to investigate her.  I… Continue reading

Patch Adams SPEAKS UP about Power as God Why not Love?

Patch woke up after depression and suicidal feelings to realise the importance of life was about living to your full expression. He decided to be a clown every day.  In this clip he speaks of war, men and power and mothers and the miracle of kindness.  He sees men as the problem not… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”