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Israel’s Genie Filling the Gold mans Energy Sachs in Syria

A article by Tru News, the plot gets bigger the hole gets deeper as we drill down in search for truth.  These are world wide webs.

Below is my poem that I felt inspired to write.


The Middle East: A Child’s Eden

Former Australian Prime Minister Menzies White Australia Speech

What is interesting is to hear this speech and before we established multiculturalism.  It has worked very successfully.  I personally love diversity.   So it is worth going back to this as the politics of fear and division are made visible in our country.  Most Australian’s are well travelled and obviously… Continue reading

Roger Stone and the Conservative Dark Art of Political Conspiracy in the United States

This is a dark web.  It is fascinating to look into the eyes of a political operator and learn of the story he must tell himself to justify the evoking of hatred and being hated.  This is an individual who takes pride in destroying opponents and is quick to state it is legal.… Continue reading

Democracy Now: Koch Industries, the Nazi’s and Self Realisation


The key issue here is about right wing groups engaging in politics but without a political party, and in the case of the United States spending more than the Conservative party.  The Koch brothers back the right wing groups spending over $900 million in political donations currying unprecedented influence.

Democracy Now introduce the… Continue reading

Purchasing $ Influence in a Democracy Rather than Equal Vote

One vote one value voting for what is wanted.  I actually think all ballot boxes should be surveys detailing a range of issues that people have a say over inclusive of ‘Other’ to capture what they want. I was a market analyst and I found that the majority had a common sense viewpoint. … Continue reading

Wealthy Billionnaires Corrupting US Political

Thomas Hartmann talks about the undermining of democracy given the influence of wealthy billionaires on the political process to serve their own interests rather than the public interest.  Why does this matter?  The political process is cited to represent the people.

William A Clarke is interesting paying for popularity the initial seed funder… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”