Israel’s Genie Filling the Gold mans Energy Sachs in Syria

A article by Tru News, the plot gets bigger the hole gets deeper as we drill down in search for truth.  These are world wide webs.

Below is my poem that I felt inspired to write.


The Middle East: A Child’s Eden

US Congress Open Letter to Committee on Government Reform Corrupting Terrorism

This letter raises issues about US businesses with political connections profiting from war.  Halliburton was run by Dick Cheney (CEO).  Note Dick Cheney was the defense secretary (conflict of interest?) and later Vice President of the United States.   For example:

“Following the end of Operation Desert Storm in February… Continue reading

Defence White Paper Stated Fears of Dependency on Asian Fuel Imports or Strategic Access to Oil and Gas?

These reflections have taken me a long time to navigate through as I found it quite illogical to read.  It is a 2016 ABC post but feels relevant today.  I felt to explore the message in the article from a peace perspective asking questions in my global agora as the public are never… Continue reading

Middle Eastern Wars Oil Industry

Another perspective.

Can our minds open to other ideas with the intent of solving the problem not hating any person, group, nationality or philosophy?  True democracy allows for all views.

The video, Courting Disaster: Fight for Oil, Water and a Healthy Planet ideas such as:  the spirit of liberty, finding out what… Continue reading

Saudi Crown Prince Visits Texas with Reform Agenda

What is being proposed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is risky, given the deeply held beliefs of the people around Islam and a particularly conservative interpretation of Islam (Wahhabism).  I contemplate Mecca as the holy place for pilgrims.  Osama bin Laden was formerly in the Construction area and opposed the US… Continue reading

Saudi Crown Prince Seeking to Reform Ultra-Conservative Kingdom

This appears to me a similar story to Syriana.

‘Only death’ can stop him: Saudi’s crown prince in his own words

Speaking to CBS News ahead of his meeting with Trump, the prince lays out his vision to reform the ultra-conservative kingdom

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”