Peace Building

Larry Summers in the Winter of Gender Discontent

I just discovered this man.  I write this with a smile.  I scanned over this global elite World Bank bean counter.   Again with humour (not disparaging but having a playful look).

I respect everyone as equal in respect of their purpose on earth.  In his case I was inspired to… Continue reading

Sending a Love Letter to the United States

I send love to the American children, may their happy destiny be unavoidable.  May they discover love as their own answer.

I ask every person who reads and watches this to send love to the United States.  It works!  Only love heals. This is the Portal to higher consciousness.  I can… Continue reading

Yasser Arafat: Nobel Lecture Mercy Offers an Olive Branch

I felt inspired to post this. Peace is possible but it requires a shift in narratives, story lines and approaches that do not work.  Some reflections as I deeply ponder peace in the Middle East and the forces still fighting the shadow of collective ignorance.


The love you withhold is the pain you… Continue reading

To Make Peace a Practical Reality for the 21st Century



UN General Assembly A Culture of Peace

We have to come together around peace, it is the centre peace, it is the empty space where life revolves around.  It is who we are when we unlearn the negativity that has plagued our world for a long time.

I often say ‘your happy destiny is unavoidable’.  Some will say this is… Continue reading

Perspectives of a Culture of Peace

Below is a range of pdf’s providing differing perspectives on a Culture of Peace.  Peace is about unity not sameness, it means living with difference peacefully.   The lack of peace inner/outer is the root problem of all conflict that at its extreme leads to violence.  All conflict and violence is believing… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”