Peace Education

Perspectives of a Culture of Peace

Below is a range of pdf’s providing differing perspectives on a Culture of Peace.  Peace is about unity not sameness, it means living with difference peacefully.   The lack of peace inner/outer is the root problem of all conflict that at its extreme leads to violence.  All conflict and violence is believing… Continue reading

Invest in World Peace or World War?

This is a poem below I wrote some years ago and found now.  I felt to repost it.  It is for those who know not peace.  We all get to choose.

This video can be played in the background as you read the poem.  It is for those engaged in conflict… Continue reading

Are You Teaching Peace or War?

This is my video about my dream of teaching peace.  This is sent to world leaders and military strategists.  This is my take on peace.  My only question to you – do you want peace or drama?  War only becomes necessary when you believe you can only get what you want… Continue reading

Cyber Revolution in Australian Defence Force Positioning to Conduct War or Peace?

Only peace creates peace.  Only ‘good neighbours’ model good neighbours.  The foundations of peace lay in the intent for global peace.  If an industry profits from producing violent weaponry that causes great pain and suffering to civilians then please know what you put out returns – this is natural universal law. … Continue reading

Do We Want Corruption to Stop for Peace Sake?

This is an excerpt out of a peace education document.  I note the US and Israel opted out of UNESCO.  This is disappointing given they both claim they are democracies.

I am looking for signs of peace making.

Only peace teaches peace, war can never teach peace it appears about profits these days… Continue reading

Debate About the War on Terrorism to Discover the Real Freedom of Democracy

This is an interesting documentary from the perspective of Al Jazeera inviting a diverse range of viewpoints.  It highlights the core issue of national security, surveillance and the mnimising of civil liberties as the diminuation of democracy.  The core arguments for military aggression have been in the defence of democracy yet ironically democracy… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”