Cyber Revolution in Australian Defence Force Positioning to Conduct War or Peace?

Only peace creates peace.  Only ‘good neighbours’ model good neighbours.  The foundations of peace lay in the intent for global peace.  If an industry profits from producing violent weaponry that causes great pain and suffering to civilians then please know what you put out returns – this is natural universal law.   Please listen deeply as this blog is about honesty. ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ was inspired by Gandhi a man who spent his life risking his life for peace.  It takes great courage to face violence unarmed as you can be easily assassinated, which he was. I walked around his ashram, I felt his energy and I know in my own experience as a peace maker that peace projects peace.

I speak to those engaged in this configuration of government, military, educational institutions and organisations – You have reached a point where you must clearly decide the world you want.  It is to know whatever activity you lend your energy to cannot be cast off as ‘following orders’ it is a vote and a choice that impacts you spiritual future, your life and your children. The internet has the stories that will lead you to the truth if truth is what you choose.  If you want chaos, collapse, great pain, war will deliver that as we have all seen. I felt inspired to share this in a candid way as my life is dedicated to peace and I have felt the war.

I note in the article below the words: ‘shortage‘, ‘brave new world’ and ‘growth in formal education and training for information warfare‘ and a very insightful statement ‘Lovell argues that defence chiefs should spend as much time and political capital on shaping the workforce of the future as they do deciding major equipment purchases‘. 

These words are what have influenced my narrative as I can feel the shape of the strategy formulating.The message clearly informs that the military are behind the cyber revolution as a strategy of civil control through political interference.  I regard it as creating fears of ‘full spectrum dominance’ and this appears dictatorial/military style of governance that clearly is not democracy which our society believes it is in. It appears as militarism under the pretence of military purchases and a military/industrial complex with endless war in mind.

I note the date of the article the 4th of July.  That is another signpost to me.

I dreamed I was teaching peace and it is a strong intention that I feel, it is not anti-anything, it is who I really am.  I studied on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Program in Bangkok to gain insights from the world’s experts from Rotary universities to understand the complex dynamics of conflict and peace building.  I wasn’t in it for the money I felt moved to learn of peace what it really meant.  I was searching for real peace as I know the pain of war.  One night I found myself feeling moved away from conflict analysis to peaceful transformation as my intent is for true peace.  I Googled transformative peace and found Byron Katie (not chance meant to be).  I silently was seeking a person who was awakened and alive.  When I found her I knew instantly this was the peace the world is looking for but perhaps not ready at this point.  The ‘awakening’ which some special units in the military are exploring as a possible threat to warfare do not understand that peace is about them also as human beings on their own journey.  As there is no ‘for us or against us‘ doctrines to divide in this reality.  It is about seeing ourselves in each other as ONE, this is a unity consciousness transcending division.  It is about realising that all wars start within each human being by believing negative thoughts.  It is about awakening to the false teachings that theatres of war are security.  If I step into those shoes I can understand why that is believed as men tend to respond to violence as respect, they have their own pecking order and to frighten the other into submission is to win the game.  This is akin to the law of tooth and claw.  However, a new way of seeing is arising across the planet, it is not arising through any groups it is like an awakening of humanity to its own self.  It is to remember who we are and it is happening naturally. I met people around the world who were asking new questions.  I met a woman recently who said she was questioning everything to find who she really is. She was seeking to go it alone to really become clear.  So no enemy there just maturing could be the description. That is not to diminish others who see differently, it is just a reflection.

I travelled the world listening to Byron Katie and for me I resonated as something inside me recognised that there was more to life.  She states that all war must be conducted on paper.  When she works with the people to help them transform negative thinking (war) she always starts the process of The Work with the question: Do you want peace?  She does that as not everyone wants peace, they may want to hang on to their beliefs as this is all they have known, they feel insecure if they let go, they feel defenseless/vulnerable or unable to stop the war at this point. So she waits.  If they want the war to stop they proceed, if they want the war to continue they clearly need to be at war as they are still fighting. This is reality. The Work is not about philosophy, oppositional energy or fighting the war ethos it is about reality as NOW.  At this moment are you at war or are you in the images of a future war that hasn’t happened but you are creating it in your mind and looking for evidence to support that it is true.  Byron Katie joins with those at war and goes to hell with them to navigating them to the truth within themselves by the four questions and turnarounds.  She is not telling anyone her truth, she is simply empty of ego and facilitating a process where truth is realised or not. Truth is not indoctrination, it is awareness realised as ‘knowing’ or ‘insight’.  It is not about forming a group and saying you should all think like me – you should be peacemakers.  Well the fact you are not means you are not. In this moment right now you are at peace reading.  That is reality NOW.  How can I tell you to be like me.  I can only share what I know and you decide.  It is not about coming out with ‘The Work as the answer’ type thinking, it is about learning simple processes to question thoughts that are believed like religion as often they are passed down for generations as ‘gospel’.  It is unquestioned, it is true? is it loyalty? Is it patriotic? Is it right? Is it true?  Are you 100% sure?  That is all that is being asked. You decide. This is freedom that so many say they fight for.  In truth it is surrender to life itself which is on all sides.

Can you have the courage to test your own beliefs for the sake of peace for you and your children and the future of the world?  The real peace work is about joining not opposing.  I am still learning this and easily I can fall back into adversarial thought forms but I know I am in a lie if I fight war.  I can only greet my own inner conflict with understanding as clearly fear is there.  That is why people oppose the military they are afraid of it. They feel threatened and become defensive.  Yet if they questioned their thinking (me included) they will realise there is nothing to fear, this is the realisation of peace.  Byron Katie says the worst that can happen is a thought.  Some believe they serve God, this extends beyond military to any fundamental belief systems unquestioned.  Yet what if God is just love.  How do you see when you love?  Religion’s speak of love but when threatened they move out of this awareness into conflict and see an ‘infidel’ or ‘non believer’ or some other way of dividing to justify hate.  All I can contribute is that I know this love and it loves the Iraqi’s, Palestinians, Iraqi’s, Syrians, Russians, Chinese, Americans, Australians, Israeli’s, Europeans, Africans and any other group as the one family.  All are equal in value.  When we fight we are fighting with ourselves as tension comes up, stress is there, you can’t sleep that is how you know you are out of alignment with inner truth.  Believing in enemies are unquestioned narratives designed to inspire the will to hate and fear others that you don’t even know, whole countries, religions become enemies when they are just humans with their own stories unquestioned.

I know when I disarmed and allowed myself to be a clown on the streets I saw the disarmament in others as they relaxed.  When I showed love, acceptance, peace and safety through my expressions, friendship and so on. I was safe as a woman travelling alone around the world.  I walked at night to face my fear and have the courage not to fear men but respect them.  I travelled to face fear of not knowing where I’d stay, the fear of enough money, not knowing if I’d be attacked, raped or murdered whilst travelling alone etc.  I am a blonde blue eyed woman.  Instead I was greeted with loving kindness from men, women and children.  I felt myself carried as if on unseen wings help coming to me when I needed it, I relaxed my grip on thoughts that said I was unsafe travelling the world alone.  I realised by facing fear that the fear de-escalated, I realised my life was supported in ways that blew my mind.  I have seen many miracles and it restored my faith in goodness.  Today I am homeless and with no income facing economic deprivation (collapse) and no place to belong and learning that this is exactly all I need.  I have the courage to face insecurity, uncertainty, few friends and still feel self esteem.  I am practising peace as I trust life is unfolding as it should as I am in reality not in control, I can only flow with life as I did not produce the next moment.  In our routines it can appear we are in control but when you step out of routine you realise the reality of nature as it just unfolds in interesting ways.  I ask myself can I face hunger? Can I face my pain?  Can I not blame society but take responsibility for what comes up within me as that is unresolved issues embedded from my life where I believed I was vulnerable.  I ask myself can I serve society from this position?  Can I do it for free? Can I do it for love?  Can I be seen a failure and be at peace?

Why am I sharing this? 

The love of peace moves me to full disclosure not dominance of the narrative.   If it moves you then deeply sit with this, that is your inner truth telling you. The greatest courage arises out of the greatest honesty (humility).   Courage is in facing death, I’ve faced it many times.  Courage is in overcoming what you fear and realising peace is real.  That is how war is overcome.  I guess if you want to lend your energy to war you will do that.  I cannot judge you.  I have to step back. All I can do is speak what feels true for me.

So I ask the ADF, the government, industry partners and foreign governments and contractors – do you want peace? 

Who would you BE without your story?

For your answer not only shapes the workforce it changes the world into your image.  Is this what global society wants whose taxes fund this activity?  Do they want cyber infiltrating their lives, that every transaction is recorded, that their dreams are diverted to business pursuits, propaganda narratives, that their love is heard and recorded, families are profiled as all collectable data profiles.  I know there is a profile on me without my permission.  I know I am surveilled not because of criminal activity but because I felt the courage to speak the truth which to my amazement was seen as threatening.  In my reality it is natural and democratic.

It is the truth that sets you free (and your children and their children).  Think deeply about who you are and what you truly want for your children’s future, for that is what you are shaping.  Violence does not beget peace as history has shown, it only expands violence as it is fuelled by revenge not healing, hate not forgiveness, fear not love and this is a recipe for MAD – mutually assured destruction.  Civilians do not want to be targets of these weapons, all want peace and real security for their families.  The Chinese civilians are not the enemy, the Iranian civilians are not the enemy, the Afghan civilians are not the enemy, the Iraqi civilians are not the enemy nor are the Australian people who disagree with war.  The only enemy is unquestioned beliefs that war is necessary for security.  It is not.  Peace education, values, anti-bullying, nonviolence are the pointers to a peaceful world which is our true nature.  We all get to choose. As we choose we create it and what we create returns.  I send this to at least inform those who believe that they are defending their country, they are not.  For those open to explore their truth here is a pointer.

The Work of Byron Katie


The worksheet is a Judge Your Neighbour worksheet.  It is really about writing down your judgements and asking is it true?  The essential questions below you can use after a meeting, or when you feel uneasy about a decision or a person.  This worksheet points to peace it does not dictate what you should think.

Example:  Issue – the enemy is perceived as China.

Question:  Is China the enemy?

Is it true?

Can you be absolutely sure it is true?

How do you feel how do you react when you believe the thought ‘China [or any name] is the enemy?’

Who would you be without the thought when looking at China [any country]?

Then turn-it-around (see worksheet)

You would explore this if you are serious about peace rather than using peace (freedom) as the justification of war.  The US and Israel’s public statements of leaving UNESCO and the UN Human Rights Council makes clear that human rights and peace building (stability) are not supported. This means civilians are not safe and the military positioning is about profiting from weapons not serving the public in defence of their safety. This was the purpose of the military. This protection was inherent within men.

We have been at war for centuries.  Eisenhower in his farewell address spoke of the concern around the Industrial Military Complex.  He indicates there was no arms industry.  It is interesting he speaks of ploughshares and that the US can make swords as well.  Of course ploughshares is a nation dedicated to peace. He speaks of creating a permanent arms industry of vast proportions.  He speaks of defence and the arms industry at this point as new.   The influence economic, political and spiritual is felt in every city, state house and office of the federal government.  He says not to fail to comprehend its grave implications.  The very structure of our society.  He states in the councils of government we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the industrial military complex and the potential for the disasterous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist, we must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes, take nothing for granted.  Only an alert and knowledgable citizen can compell defence with peaceful methods and goals so security and liberty prosper together.  This is from a Commander and Chief of the United States on leaving office.

This is a warning relevant today for the Australian military and Government from the the spirit of Eisenhower as this arms industry is new to Australia.  Does this sit with the values of our country as neutral and egalitarians?  As legislation is passed citing fears or protecting economic interests, it is realised that we are slowly losing our liberties and democratic processes in the name of terrorism and increased fear.  Are the fears real?  Is it true?  Each decides.

The fact it is publicly stated there is an intent to influence politics by military interference in politics.  This is against the Australian Constitution.  The Australian military are charged by the Constitution to protect the Australian people against aggressors.  It was tasked to defend this country and its values and not to engage in the creation of warfare which ultimately destroys the lives of 90% of civilians in war zones.  War in its current form as is known around the world, has become a war crime outside of  the rules of war.  Our relationships with other countries must be publicly scrutinised in a democracy in the public interest given Eisenhower’s warning.

I have met soldiers in Rotary and talked to them discussing the wars in recent times.  There are deep concerns in the military, (inclusive of Australia) and concerns about industry influencing military decision making or the politicisation of the military.  The Bush regime was a case in point and as more information comes out it is evident illegality occurred.  Andrew Wilkie, formerly of the Office of National Assessment whistleblower on the Howard Government came out as he saw the political interference in the intelligence community here in Australia.  He recognised Australia was not in any danger, as today it is not.  So he spoke out about the illegal war.  Scott Ritter former CIA and weapons inspector also spoke out and indicated illegality about the war in Iraq.  Major Douglas Rokke former Director of the Depleted Uranium Project in the Pentagon bravely came out and spoke of the depleted uranium dropped in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.  He talked about his own soldiers being issued porous suits where they were exposed to depleted uranium.  Many were dying or died. He spoke of this as a crime.  He saw his own government as not protecting his soldiers nor civilians.  He made a powerful statement at the end about the children and peace.  He said that his desire was peace on earth and that it is everyone’s job.  I make the same statement.  This moment is a fork in the road for Australia what was once a peaceful country will be definitely targeted given these activities.   I advise Australians to listen to the recordings on my website

As an Australian citizen I do not vote for my taxes or (GST) to be directed towards armaments to create endless war theorems that will frighten others and as they are unquestioned they will escalate their arms which serves those who sell arms.  It is clear that civilians are being murdered and it is not friendly fire.  There are traumas on the ground, terrorised by the sound of jets, drones and bombs exploding where they do not feel safe.  So does war create security?  Whose security?

I send this with great love to those creating war, profiting from war, surveilling civilians.  For only love will heal our troubled world.

The article below raises key issues.

‘Cyber revolution’ in Australian Defence Force demands rethink of staff, training and policy

The Information Warfare Division will require much broader skill sets than typically associated with defence force personnel. katacarix/shutterstock

Australia’s armed forces are among the top ten exploiters of digital technology in the world. Until now that has been largely confined to espionage, and use of precision guided weapons, rather than widespread use of cyber and information weapons.

But last Friday, when the government announced the creation of a new Information Warfare Division, they took the first radical step into a new age of cyber-enabled war capability.

This announcement heralds more than just a formal entry of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) into the information age. It foreshadows quite radical change over the long term, and even in the immediate present, not least in new command arrangements. A reporting line will operate direct from a new Joint Capability Group (including the Information Warfare Division) to the Chief of the Defence Force.

The debate about a national shortage of cyber skills in Australia’s civil sector will now take on new urgency as Defence competes for recruits.

Stepping up

Australia already has a potential capability for cyber strike against enemy forces on the other side of the planet. But in 2030, when Australia launches what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refers to as our “regionally superior submarines”, China may well have perfected a military version of its undersea robot that would be able to attach itself to the hull of the submarines and walk along the outside of the vessel.

This futuristic perspective helps to explain why the new Australian Information Warfare Division is needed. It will be commanded by a Major General with a PhD in cyber security and special forces background, Marcus Thompson. According to Defence, he will be responsible for four branches: Information Warfare Capability, C4 and Battle Management Capability, Capability Support Directorate, and the Joint Cyber Unit. C4 is command, control, coordination and communications.

Moreover, the ADF has created an even more senior post to link Thompson’s job directly to the Chief of the Defence Force, a reporting line equivalent to the chiefs of the single services (Army, Navy and Air Force). Thompson will report to the “Commander Joint Capabilities Group”, the first incumbent of which is Air Vice Marshal Warren McDonald, currently an equivalent rank to Thompson’s. McDonald’s new post may be upgraded in due course to be equivalent in rank to the chiefs of the army, navy and air force.

This role will be a fairly close equivalent to the commander of China’s new Strategic Support Force, announced in December 2015 to deliver on the Chinese official view that “outer space and cyber space are new commanding heights of international security competition”.

New staffing strategy

To populate this brave new world of the ADF in 2030, the new Information Warfare Division is starting with modest personnel goals. According to the ABC, it will start initially with 100 posts, with plans to grow to 900 by the end of the decade.

The personnel pool needed to sustain these 900 posts in ten years’ time does not now exist. The ADF is pushing forward while devising a sustainable staffing strategy, determining the skill sets needed and even creating new types of “billets” (job specs). Over the coming decade we will see growth in formal education and training for information warfare (including cyber operations), which is a very different mission set from classic cyber security.

Based on my experience, we can estimate that to achieve the 900 target by 2027, the ADF will need to set up new training and education programs no later than 2020. A workforce of 900 posts probably needs a supply pool of at least 3,000 trained in the same roles to service leave, reassignment to other military posts outside the Division, and other sources of turnover, not to mention possible mobilisation for war.

We will see interesting novel mixes of military and civilian posts, including defence contractors in the new cyber division, some of whom will be foreign nationals. The ADF already depends on foreign contractors, alongside Allied military personnel, to support military cyber operations.

Budget and policy implications

The budget challenges of this transition will be easily met. For Defence, a new annual allocation of even $1 billion would go a long way. The tougher challenge will be the decade of organisational and culture change that will be needed in the ADF. This will not occur without strong leadership from the government, whichever party is in power.

As Maj. Gen. Thompson noted in an article in the Defence Force Journal at the end of 2016, “an additional layer of actionable policy is required to ensure appropriate implementation at the operational and tactical levels”. The government’s work on cyber warfare is only just beginning, so the parliament will need to pay much more attention to this than it has so far.

A little-noticed article in the same issue of the journal by Professor David Lovell sets another tough agenda for the ADF and government. Invoking the concept of “strategic corporal”, Lovell argues that defence chiefs should spend as much time and political capital on shaping the workforce of the future as they do deciding major equipment purchases. This need help to explain why the ADF division responsible for the Defence Force Academy and staff colleges – currently called the Australian Defence College and led by Maj. Gen. Simone Wilkie – will also report to the commander of the new Joint Capability Group.

Australia is now positioning itself better to conduct war and warlike operations alongside its high-tech cyber ally the United States, as part of the most powerful military alliance in human history. China and Russia are marginally ahead of Australia in organisational terms for the new demands of cyber war, but if the ADF gets the information transition right, we will be better defended than ever before, even in the face of armed forces with superior conventional forces.

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”