Cyber Revolution in Australian Defence Force Positioning to Conduct War or Peace?

Only peace creates peace.  Only ‘good neighbours’ model good neighbours.  The foundations of peace lay in the intent for global peace.  If an industry profits from producing violent weaponry that causes great pain and suffering to civilians then please know what you put out returns – this is natural universal law. … Continue reading

Psychology Experiments Revealing How We Behave Given Stimuli

This is an informative video that gives insights into how we change behaviour based on stimuli.  There is a very interesting one based on detention.

The origin of psychology is survival it is adaptation to stimuli, it is fight or flight, it is sensing as ultimately we ensure our surival.  A very powerful… Continue reading

Steven Greer on the Division of the Alien Invasion False Flag

This is an interesting topic and another area where psychology and technologies can be developed to engineer an alien invasion and generate fear in the populace.  The mentality of division is a war doctrine and it is designed to divide people to justify the need for weaponry and suppression of rights.  There is… Continue reading

Psychological Abuse and the Legal System

I have been watching a 60 Minutes program and learning about how women feel when cross examined in sexual abuse cases.  I have been a witness in a rape case and I saw how horrendous the Barristers were.  I’ve had one try and kiss me and found out later that he had raped… Continue reading

A Perspective on Life, Convoluted Universe and Everything


This is a very interesting discussion by Delores Cannon who could be anyone’s grandmother.  I was just sent her link yesterday.  I really love open minded discussions that explore topics most people would recoil from, as if she is talking about baking cakes, her subject matter is more interesting.  I think… Continue reading

John Seed: The Value of Eco-Philosophy

The seed being planted here is that we are one with nature.

When you love yourself, you love the world. Indeed eco-philosophy is the philosophy of love. What is love? it is the glue that binds the world, it is a way of seeing where I see myself in the other and indeed I see… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”