Steven Greer on the Division of the Alien Invasion False Flag

This is an interesting topic and another area where psychology and technologies can be developed to engineer an alien invasion and generate fear in the populace.  The mentality of division is a war doctrine and it is designed to divide people to justify the need for weaponry and suppression of rights.  There is evidence on the net of reverse engineering of alien ships.  Certainly the film ‘the Men Who Stare at Goats’ (starring George Clooney) raised the topic of a New Earth Army with super powers and the ability to remote view to find lost generals etc. Check out the real US Army officer Jim Channon.  It was stated in the movie that it was more real than people knew.  The actors were surprised as well. The reality of military psychological warfare (psychops), advanced technologies used to remotely affect the psyche down to the smallest nano technologies ingested to monitor and control the mind.  This is a reflection of great fear and innovation in the service of negative behaviours that motivates people to invent these technologies without ethics or human rights.  The taxpayers pay for it.

In my previous blog on Israel I had inspiration around what you do to another returns to the self (do unto others).  What you see in the world is a reflection of the mind.  All negativity is projection as it is unowned, we do not want to see it in ourselves so we project it out onto others.  There is an ignorance around all being connected and energetically linked, although I am sure those military personal in this area are well acquainted with this way of seeing through intelligence gathering.  The only difference may be that some do not feel the love energy associated with real power.  You cannot fake it, although in moments when unguarded it may be felt briefly.  Thus, destructive intentions radiate from fear which is experienced as insecurity and in truth is anchoring contrast (oppositional energy). This can be directed to co-create a war machine on the basis of a belief that promotes war technologies as protecting people, providing defence against enemies and the really good one – ensuring peace.  Profits is the underlying driver, hence the industrial military complex. The truth is that the war machine will expand the opposite reality.  I am sure this is well known in these circles. 

When in a space that is disconnected from humanity there is actually a blind spot that develops in that the whole cannot be seen.  One has to be right, this blocks what differs and is unable to step into ‘the other’ and experience another perspective. So there are models, fixed ideas, modus operandi’s, group think, jargon and justifications for this type of industry expanding as a higher good, even though it in reality thinks up creative ways to assassinate, kill hundreds and thousands and potentially millions. Profits and the mantra’s of safety will prevent those active from questioning themselves and ensure others do not question the operating paradigm.  Mind control is easy to see as it does not ask questions, nor does it open itself to critique and it definitely will see those who do it as somehow a threat.  Those believing unquestioningly obeys authority (military/government/business hierarchy) and does what it is directed to do.  As obedience is smooth, critique is a difficult and dangerous path.

Thus, the principle of democracy contrasts as in the name of representation of the people questions are asked for full disclosure. Which is really another word for transparency and visibility.  Thus, those who feel this tension will find ways to discredit those voices so that it is not open to doubt or uncomfortable feelings that may even unconsciously feel like vulnerability.  I felt inspired to say that as those who wear a lot of armour are those who feel vulnerable.  Maybe that is a better word than fear.  Vulnerability is standing naked before truth, it is a great strength, if not a person will opt for secrecy and protections.  That is why ‘disloyalty’, ‘traitor’, ‘betrayal’ and language designed to bond the group as family (not unlike bikies) are terms used to ensure obedience and not breaking the control code.   To break the code is to weaken the group. So all must be in agreement and in allegiance.  The mafia also comes to mind.  

Interestingly, the war reality would not exist on another trajectory if people were in an evolved state of infinite potential, thus focusing on a higher frequency. This of course would not be wanted by those who subscribe to control and believe their happiness and security rests in making money and asserting control.  In truth they are part of a universal consciousness that is aware and living in a free will universe. We all get to choose.  The world is meant to be in contrast, the other is meant to challenge as ultimately we all expand, we are all connected.  I find that fascinating.  That is why I have no enemies.  I know no-one is working against me (even if they believed they were), their presence/focus/action can only serve my life and work as I explore real peace, real truth and expand myself.  They in truth inspire me to ask questions.  This is the ouroboros of unity – creation and destruction. This is the duality moving towards unity.

It is wise to be vigilent, but ultimately militaries will choose who they become.  If they are in service to the people they will find their roles ascend (or graduate) with honours, if they allow themselves to be controlled and engaged in unethical operations that cause real harm and may well have the potential to destroy the planet, well life has a way of returning the energy or rebalancing. It is not punishment but natural laws.  I can only say this without judgement.  I do not believe in good or evil but contrast temporarily believing its story, in truth unity is the origin. I respect freedom and I know people do what they do.  That is their path. As Eckhart Tolle says the war on anything is doomed to failure, and he is right ultimately.  So eventually it cycles back as people are now asking questions around the world as to the real purpose of the military. People are concerned at the corrupt government and business interests.  People can access the world wide web and find their own answers without being controlled by commercial media (nexus broken).  I feel it is not to fear but to love the diversity and wait for those choosing this destructive path to awaken to the true power that resides within them. To know their own brilliance when they turn their focus inward rather than allowing others to control them for profit.  In reality it is they who are enslaved to these ideas and deep within the psyche they cannot be at peace if they are harming another. For that other is themselves.

I send them love and peace and may we all come together in the end to realise we are One family desiring the same thing, happiness.

So here is the video from Steven Greer on the Alien Invasion false flag, worth coming to terms with the lengths some in the military will go to to ensure endless war.  The war on terror is just another creation that ensures profits are sustained overtime.  The reality of this only comes home to roost when the chickens return, that is, someone else does the same thing to the one engaged in the activity and they lose someone beloved. That is when the reality sinks in, until then people are numbers, opposition is threats and freedom is dangerous.   


Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”