Surveil Yourself to Release Your Pain

The negative in our world is arising from the pain we have held.  I recall a wise statement ‘the love you withhold is the pain you carry’.  As clowns we would hug and love everyone not withholding love at all.  I sit in a library writing these words and I have to… Continue reading

Buckminster Fuller Rethinks the Lords Prayer

A scientific perspective of God.  Not one person can define this but we all come to life with diverse and unique perspectives, perhaps we are God thinking?

Ever Rethinking the Lord’s Prayer: Buckminster Fuller Revises Scripture with Science

“Love is metaphysical gravity.”

By Maria Popova



“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit… Continue reading

Religion in Australian Politics or the Politics of Self Realisation?

This is interesting and I believe has shaped Australian policy re: abortion, other religions, righteousness, gay rights, gender, family values, foreign affiliations, conservative views, militarism, surveillance, terrorism and social security etc.

My mother used to say when I was a teenager that men are the head of the household.  I did argue with her… Continue reading

Hugh Mackay: Beyond Belief

I love the title.  I have often felt inspiration around these words.  Truth does not reside in our belief system concocted by us, it is beyond belief that truth expresses.  As the manifest world has come from beyond belief.

From Hugh’s website…


Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

What do people actually mean when they… Continue reading

Suicide is Not About Wanting to End Your Life

I think it is very important that people understand suicide and not run from the discussion.  It is important to understand that a person feeling to suicide is seeking a way out of pain, this is more accurate.  They are seeking freedom from the pain and they believe there will be peace if… Continue reading

Einstein A Bridge Between Science and Spirituality

Einstein failed at school.  Education must be inspiring. I don’t believe in on-line as a dominant form of education.  I believe in experiential education which is modelled off nature.  Nature is to learn by doing and then research to explore a subject.  I tend to evolve that way and I become… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”