Sri Lanka’s 911

I have inspired to write that title. As all roads lead back to this original conflict.  I have spent some time typing as I felt moved to not just write a few words and move on.  I have cold feet, hands and just kept writing what I felt.  I can’t know the… Continue reading

Religion in Australian Politics or the Politics of Self Realisation?

This is interesting and I believe has shaped Australian policy re: abortion, other religions, righteousness, gay rights, gender, family values, foreign affiliations, conservative views, militarism, surveillance, terrorism and social security etc.

My mother used to say when I was a teenager that men are the head of the household.  I did argue with her… Continue reading

Will Moving the Australian Embassy to Jerusalam Inflame a Holy War?

The core issue is political given the by-election in Wentworth and the fact the Liberal Party voted for a move of the embassy to Jerusalem.  The human rights violations in Palestine are an international issue given the original British decision under the Balfour Declaration and Rothschild influence in British politics to create a Zionist… Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch, CIA and Conservative Influence – is it Good, Bad or Ugly?

The issue with media interference in politics is the lack of ethics in politicians and this impetus to win at any cost.  It completely undermines the principles of democracy which is about the will of the people.  In truth it is anti-democratic conduct and distortions in the media to influence people to think… Continue reading

Been Talking to Jesus All My Life

I love this one.  Good ol evangalists.  Recall the personalities, the fame, the fortune, the happiness, paradise.  I smile as misses the mark.  I love it.  My mum is a christian and I know she has moved quite a few churches as thy didn’t walk the talk.  However, on… Continue reading

Is the Issue of Terrorism in the Philippines about Inequality, Poverty and Corruption?

I heard about my government entering the conflict in Philippines.  My first thoughts were Mindanao as one of the participants on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program was a Christian from the Philippines and he was keen to talk about Mindanao. I was aware that the Muslim/Christian Conflict had occurred.  I… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”