War games

Shooter Games Friendly Fire or Training?

The video is a shooter game.  The person’s words are recorded below.  Listen to the young man, his language and the objective of killing. 

Here are some links to educate and awaken the idea that war is not a game.

This footage in this article looks like shooter footage, yet is is… Continue reading

Sri Lanka’s 911

I have inspired to write that title. As all roads lead back to this original conflict.  I have spent some time typing as I felt moved to not just write a few words and move on.  I have cold feet, hands and just kept writing what I felt.  I can’t know the… Continue reading

Invest in World Peace or World War?

This is a poem below I wrote some years ago and found now.  I felt to repost it.  It is for those who know not peace.  We all get to choose.

This video can be played in the background as you read the poem.  It is for those engaged in conflict… Continue reading

The Poetry of Invictus or Inflicted on US?

Poetry is the language of the soul.  Men try and face the fear of violence. For a man to be defeated is shameful.

What if crying releases tension as a human and is not a weakness?

What if to bow one’s head is to honour the other in humility?  They too are suffering… Continue reading

Australia Stuck between a Rock (US) and Hard Place (China)?

My first feeling on learning about the Australian/US war games and the China/Russia war games (Sept 11) turned to Australia rather than a mediator to assist countries who are building up in tension due to territorialism, power postures and interests – Australia plays with both sides seeking to find advantage economically and drawn to power.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”