Australia Stuck between a Rock (US) and Hard Place (China)?

My first feeling on learning about the Australian/US war games and the China/Russia war games (Sept 11) turned to Australia rather than a mediator to assist countries who are building up in tension due to territorialism, power postures and interests – Australia plays with both sides seeking to find advantage economically and drawn to power.… Continue reading

Funding in Defence Rather than Investing in Peace?

What is the price for the global community in not investing in peace (preventative)?  When we invest and prepare for Peace we begin naturally to disarm.  When we prepare (fund) for War we can be sure we are looking for conflict or in same cases, creating it (generating markets).  My over the… Continue reading

Is Full Spectrum Dominance Freedom?

I am learning of Full Spectrum Dominance and my first feeling is it will not work.  It is actually not possible is my feeling.  I think of parents trying to control children, bosses trying to control staff, governments trying to control populations and I know it won’t work.  Why?  Life has… Continue reading

A Message to Israel: The Wailing Wall or Another Brick in the Wall?

This video I produced is called World Peace Plan and Israel.  It is a message I felt inspired to send.  The message is for those in Australia who feel to control rather than embrace true democray in the resolution of conflict and embracing of difference.  I send love to all.  For… Continue reading

Jim Channon TedX

You will find Jim strange at first but this is what the re-calibration feels like, it is different as you jump tracks. It is to speak another language to break out of the ‘norm’.  He speaks about dreams and higher purpose. He reminds me of Patch Adams, another who breaks out of the box.… Continue reading

Intelligence in Defense of Disrupting the Status Quo of UFOs

I found out about To the Stars Academy an eminant group of CIA, Department of Defense and other experts dedicated to revolutionising the human experience. I found out this group are connected with Jim Channon who the film Men that Stare at Goats represented. He is a military man, visionary who pioneered New Age approaches… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”