Middle East

The Balfour “Rothschild” Declaration

I equate Rothschild to this declaration.  It was the seed funding that broke the West Bank.

This is a noteworthy quote:

Israeli professor of sociology Menachem Friedman wrote: “…one cannot overestimate [the declaration’s] dramatic influence on the Jewish masses, especially those living in Eastern Europe. Metaphorically speaking, they felt as if they actually… Continue reading

Palestine Complaint to ICJ Against US Embassy in Jerusalem

A few words coming to me now:

In-Sight is the Star of Jerusalem


stuck between a rock and a hard place,
for the gods must be crazy,
to turn a holy land into thistles without holly,
for what is christ-mass but the mass at christmas forgeting the covenant,
for the arc of… Continue reading

Israeli Intelligence Want Peace in the Middle East

As a peacemaker myself, when I hear the word ‘terrorist’ I know they are stuck in an ‘enemy’ mentality. Until one can move from a labelling approach you cannot see the people and hear the grievances.  There are no terrorists in my view only unresolved conflicts and those who have interests in perpetuating wars.… Continue reading

It is Time for An Intention for Real Peace in the Middle East

My inner feeling: What you resist persists what you look at disappears.  I feel this for all sides.  How to solve the problem, to disentangle the holding onto the past, to see clearly into the real kernel of conflict that holds this conflict in a space that escalates whilst innocent civilians suffer endlessly.… Continue reading

Yasser Arafat: Nobel Lecture Mercy Offers an Olive Branch

I felt inspired to post this. Peace is possible but it requires a shift in narratives, story lines and approaches that do not work.  Some reflections as I deeply ponder peace in the Middle East and the forces still fighting the shadow of collective ignorance.


The love you withhold is the pain you… Continue reading

SBS Go Back to Where you Came From re: Syria

Australians are very naive about the world. It is true to say until you walk in the shoes of another you cannot know how horrendous the real experience is. We get misled by biased media, government bias and agenda’s, lack of understanding, inhumanity that is encouraged by simplistic arguments that care nothing for those suffering.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”