SBS Go Back to Where you Came From re: Syria

Australians are very naive about the world. It is true to say until you walk in the shoes of another you cannot know how horrendous the real experience is. We get misled by biased media, government bias and agenda’s, lack of understanding, inhumanity that is encouraged by simplistic arguments that care nothing for those suffering.… Continue reading

Discrimination is the Basis of All Ignorance, Conflict and Violence

I found Jane Elliott many years ago and knew she was right.  I have undertaken some sensitisation training regarding culture.  What I notice today is we have not evolved into an awareness of how deeply we discriminate not only on the basis of skin colour but race, religion, creed and even through the… Continue reading

Smiling through Depression

This is an excellent video and it speaks about Robin Williams death.  It talks to mental health and the fact people go through very difficult times. What is concerning is that people are largely non responsive.  When I went through this I was astounded that there was no response.

The issue of abuse,… Continue reading

Homelessness is a Call for Action

Launch Housing produced this video.  It is the most important issue of our time as it is not just about not having a house it is about non-regulation of housing ownership, it is about no pricing ceiling and selling off houses, inequities in Centrelink and the Job Providers, it is about attitudes that value… Continue reading

Jane Elliott Interviewed about Donald Trump and the Reality of Racism in the USA

Jane Elliott speaks to Roland Martin about Trump and racism.  She speaks of Trump as a boy grown tall. 

I find it interesting to see an African American man interviewing.  It is unfamiliar as all you ever see is white (caucasion) newscasters.  What I would love to see is people of… Continue reading

Jane Elliott Made A Difference in Raising Awareness about Racism

Her work is critical as we only learn from experience.  The issue of discrimination is still prevalent in our world.  The only way this stops is when awareness is raised to how it feels.  It is through empathy that we can see our shared humanity.  When we feel no empathy then… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”