Murdoch the Fox Finds his Weapons – Part 3

The wheeling and dealing, the prejudices, the shaping of attitudes, where is the truth it get’s lost in the drama of wanting to win the next deal, the next venture, the next mountain to conquer.  Such is the endless mantra of ‘not enough’. Importantly is the theme of the White Australia policy a throw… Continue reading

How Racist Are You? Understand Power

This is important viewing.  Discrimination has caused such hardship and sorrow and death in our world.  Establishing power and control means that others must submit and when this behaviour is allowed to continue they become more and more tyrannical.  As we lose democracy, checks and balances then tyranny will feel the void.… Continue reading

White Supremacist Insurgency

Here is an article from the Guardian. I felt inspiration in the word ‘insurgency’ as it links to terror-ism and extreme-ism.  This is when one’s beliefs are absolute and right.  In a multicultural country it is wise to be open to diverse views who may not believe in the supremacy of skin colour… Continue reading

Senator Fannings Speech: Full Transcript

The comments below are interesting.  Should religion and Government be separated?  Refer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Separation_of_church_and_state

For myself, there is no-one unacceptable in my world.  I see fear responding with separation and anger.  I see love responding with acceptance and understanding.  I learned he is a Christian, clearly he forgot that Jesus promoted… Continue reading

Discrimination is the Basis of All Ignorance, Conflict and Violence

I found Jane Elliott many years ago and knew she was right.  I have undertaken some sensitisation training regarding culture.  What I notice today is we have not evolved into an awareness of how deeply we discriminate not only on the basis of skin colour but race, religion, creed and even through the… Continue reading

Looking for High EQ in Whites in-Equality

I have just happened across this video below and smile as I hear the virbration of racism and prejudice masked by reasonable discourse. Interesting the organisation is American Renaissance and he visited South Africa a country that has reflected apartheid (as do other countries, mine included in respect of Indigenous people). He makes reference to… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”