Looking for High EQ in Whites in-Equality

I have just happened across this video below and smile as I hear the virbration of racism and prejudice masked by reasonable discourse. Interesting the organisation is American Renaissance and he visited South Africa a country that has reflected apartheid (as do other countries, mine included in respect of Indigenous people). He makes reference to ‘white’  which is a way to define a group by racial appareance and nationality.   His voice sounds very reasonable, he expresses in a way that appears scientific.  He uses analysis referring to matrices.  In his mindset he doesn’t have awareness of different ways of seeing.  He is referring to logic as the rationale or basis of intelligence.  Of course there are many forms of intelligence:

  • Naturalist (nature smart)
  • Musical (sound smart)
  • Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart)
  • Existential (life smart)
  • Interpersonal (people smart)
  • Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart)
  • Linguistic (word smart)

He then refers to white university students getting 90% and then the African get 70% correct. He says there is no question that it is an easy item he states for the vast majority of Africans.  Then he says more of them fail than the whites.  He doesn’t have the awareness to self reflect in respect of his language.  He is not sensitive (or maybe he is) that he is clearly ascertaining the white students are more intelligent than the blacks.  He thinks intelligence is looking for the odd image.  What about looking for what he can’t see?  I would say it depends on how you see.  What he doesn’t understand is that to make people think like white people takes generations through social conditioning.  It would equally take generations for white people to learn to think like black.  I personally don’t like the word ‘black’ as I see them firstly as human and their skin colouring irrelevant only in as far as there is more lanolin in the skin given climate (adaptation). 

I am going to sit still for a moment then continue.   

The root of humanity came from Africa.  His origin is African.  Their idea of intelligence expands when you bring survival into the mix.  What good is logic in the jungle when a lion thinks you may be tasty.  You need to expand intelligence to sense the presence of predators, you need to have strategies to hunt, you need to know the biology of the plants in order to provide for food and medicines.  The Africans have survived apartheid in South Africa.  I recall the Gandhi movie where the Indians and muslims had to crawl on the ground if a white person walked on the path.  They were not allowed to walk on the path.  This is how dehumanisation happens.  Make them beleive they are inferior with no rights.  They have been subjected to the attitudes of the white people who believe they are genetically inferior.  That is not to say people of colour are not racist, I have witnessed this in the dictatorial leaders that were propped up by colonial rulers. 

I had a management consultant’s wife (worked for the husband’s company) tell me that people not of status or class (non university) were genetically inferior.  He and his wife believed they were genetically was more intelligent.  I smiled at the time but noted it.  So for me I sense it is not about colour but insecurity and inadequacy for why would anyone want to be superior, they would have to feel inferior in order to reach for it.  The white (pink) person feels he has to prove he is superior and that somehow legetimises his worth and status (class). He doesn’t have the awareness to look within and contempalte where he received these ‘beliefs’ as I am quite sure he was not born with this attitude.  He learned it.   My intelligence takes me to the unquestioned beliefs of racism, where groups come together and reinforce their superiority as they think intelligence is about technology, education, males (not females I may add) and a right to rule.  I am just allowing awareness to flow as I feel for the truth of the matter.  

I would state there is a blind spot in the eye where we can’t see something – avoidance, fear of looking, ignorance.  Another factor is it is linear thinking (logic) not creative (surreal) that has philosophical insight on other dimensions.  If you look at Jane Elliots work ‘Blue Eyed’ you will see that the children when divided by a characteristic believe they are either superior or inferior on the basis of eye colour in her case.  Refer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqv9k3jbtYU  She found that the children who were superior did better in IQ tests and those who BELIEVED they were inferior had poorer results.  That is why often people of colour seek out role models to convince their people they are equal.  So when the brown eyed children (metaphor for dark skin) thought they were superior they excelled beyond the blue eyed children.  So what the real work here is ‘belief’ and ‘division’.  The children fought in the play ground dividing as Jane Elliott had manipulated them to view the other as inferior.  So what I am hearing here is the subtle voice of division and scientifically making a case that white are superior.  Yet I bet ‘white men can’t jump’ is true as Michael Moore so wisely titled his film.  Many also can’t dance very well. This is the creative that comes out when education doesn’t usurp what is natural within humanity. Women have been tarred by the same brush as they are still paid 80% of the male wage and as a psychologist stipulated biologically fixed and the inference of inferiority. I would turn this around and say to this man (whom I note doesn’t introduce his name) and say ‘is it true?’, ‘can you be absolutely sure it is true?’, ‘how do you feel how do you react when you believe the thought – black people are inferior?’ This will flush up feelings of superiority in its many justifications.  Then I would ask him to turn it around (projection) ‘white people are inferior’.  Where white people have been inferior (or felt it) to black people.  Another turnaround is ‘black people are not inferior’, another ‘I am inferior to black people’.  This would be interesting to explore as “the story” story to justify treating people as less.  This is how projection works and this man is an example of a person who believes his thoughts but has never seen the human being as they actually are.  I have clowned in indigenous communities and I was amazed by how intelligent they were, how kind and humorous.  I saw how willing they were to play, to learn and to express themselves and how they accepted me as a clown.  I have clowned with all nationalities and I saw intelligence in the open heart, I know that the open heart opens the mind.  Those who cleave onto fixed knowledge (not experiential) lock in their world as their universe and consider that as the only model.  Hence they are right.

When I was a market analyst I used to come at problem solving through open ended questions to discover the universe and open my mind to greater truths. I was not seeking verification of my hypothesis I was allowing questions to allow for other ways of seeing.  Then I would draft a survey and conduct research.  I always did this with qualitative techniques.  I would go to the place that I was studying to feel it (expanding intelligence), to touch it, to taste it as I used my many intelligences in order to find the truth, to get a feel for what is real (realist).  I was not interested in being right (righteousness).  I was not interested in pleasing the client (manipulative).  I had a few that didn’t like the results as they wanted appeasement not truth.  I am not interested in a world in my image or their image.  I am not playing god. I am allowing truth to lead me.

Looking at the video below I am noting his podium.  I wonder what the renaissance of this type of American is.  I have just found they are white supremicists, I did get a feeling about Trump (but didn’t write it) will now as there is more visibility around this type of fear. Refer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Renaissance_(magazine)   I feel for those who live in this reality as it is not easy to be against and there is considerable fear around it. I also contemplate EQ (emotional quotient) and I am sure his chart would reverse its order.  I wonder which will sustain the species IQ or EQ?  White, black or unity of all the human family.  

I am then contemplating (smiling) at the world we are in, shaped by those who apparently have high IQ in respect of warfare, pollution, the inability to resolve conflict, the ruination of the environment and technological gadgets.  Is this intelligent? Is division intelligent or does it just divert more resources into conflict and control?  What would an intelligent species do?  Is intelligence highly evolved or just well trained? What is highly evolved?  Is this based on intellectual and emotional growth or is it based on wealth and colour? 

I think the poorest on the planet in my experience have been the most intelligent, they are incredibly resilient, they live with their priorities clear – family first (people first).  They connect with community and help each other.  They laugh, play music, write poetry and celebrate life.  I feel this as a form of social intelligence, perhaps Daniel Goleman would join me here.  Refer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hoo_dIOP8k And another video provides insights:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfumfgnhtlk.  For me, I discovered the “love” was the core of the highest intelligence as it is truly inclusive and is wholistic.  Fear parades as power and control but knows not the love of self or others as a real sense of connectedness.  You cannot love others until you love yourself.  I wonder if this man has contemplated the forces that have shaped him, were they based on love or fear?  Were they reframed around discipline or freedom?  What of every persons right to choose how they live without being imposed upon.  

Another feeling that is coming to me is fascism which is another word for bullying on the basis of a characteristic to feel superior.  I am going to sit with this for a moment (not using IQ) but inner feeling.  I feel they are becoming visible as they fear the empowerment of others to know themselves and be true.  The myth is inequality.  This I know.  Not one person on this earth is inferior just different.  We are indeed One and I recall a woman I met who was from the Congo.  She was far braver then the others on the peace course I was on.  She was incredibly intelligent.  She said what she thought and she risked her life.  She was indeed powerful.  This did not come from IQ, it came from honesty.  That is what I clearly saw.

People need to be discerning about what others are saying.  If you want to know if a person is coming from fear or love you will note they are either dividing or uniting.  It is very clear.   So here is the video to give you insight into how division is gently created by logical argument.  Below that is Pink Floyd which sums up another way of seeing from an artists perspective.  The video shows a train and this connects to the jews.  They seek to weed out the gays, the blacks, different races and reveals the reason why this is happening.  Raising children with respect and equality is the solution.  My work was about helping children realise discrimination and how subtle it is.  We see it on television with the images portrayed as successful, beautiful and more intelligent.  I fortuntely do not believe it. Growing up in Australia I mixed with kids from lots of cultural backgrounds and found them to be deeper culturally.  I found my own culture quite empty on reflection as we had closed down the heart in favour of the intellect. That is not to say education is not important, it has been for me, it taught me to critically appraise and look at sources to see through deception.  I am grateful for that.  I am interested in intelligent education that draws out wisdom, questioning, expanding knowledge rather than mind control that seeks to direct knowledge in the shape of the creator of that knowledge.  Again, a bit like playing god.  It is not about liberation but repression in my view.  I am observing the world and how it reflects upon its own creation.

Australian universities may want to reflect on this type of mindset as their students are from Africa and other parts of the world.  They may want to ensure equality.  Maybe even live it on reflection to intellectual superiority and open to emotional intelligence which is the missing link in truth.





Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”