Can Anyone Hurt You?

Byron Katie speaks about war and the holocaust. You have to sit deeply with what she is inviting people to consider reality.  The highest love exists whether it is noticed or not no matter the horror of our beliefs.  Reality is now.

Looking for High EQ in Whites in-Equality

I have just happened across this video below and smile as I hear the virbration of racism and prejudice masked by reasonable discourse. Interesting the organisation is American Renaissance and he visited South Africa a country that has reflected apartheid (as do other countries, mine included in respect of Indigenous people). He makes reference to… Continue reading

Freedom of Speech? Alternative Ideas Removed from TEDx on Youtube

This is an interesting controversy in my mind about freedom of speech.  I can understand from TED’s perspective their brand image TEDx and the controversial nature of the ideas but then the thought about freedom of speech comes up for me.  I also reflected on the mindsets of worldviews clashing on what is… Continue reading

Dreaming of a New Reality


A Book of Jewels


The beautiful jewel,

Cannot be seen,

For it is in the unseen that beauty is created,

And you are creating beauty,

In ways unseen.


The book of life,

Cannot be edited once written,

For the story is the journey,

One can reflect,

And create new chapters,

For the… Continue reading

Do You Know The WAY Home?

I just found this video and yes the Way exists, there are many paths that are the way. One of the most famous showers of the Way was Lao Tzu the 600BC wise man of ancient China. He was one of the first to show me the Way. When I read his little book the… Continue reading

Ken Wilbur: Is Yours An Integral Life?

To change the world we must learn to think, feel and intuit differently. Ken Wilbur is considered one of the world’s greatest philosophers. He is best known for his book ‘A Brief History of Everything’. He is one who would be considered a thinker outside of the box.

See what you think, perhaps you are… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”