Will the Youth Become Another Brick (byte) on the Wall Street?

When I was young I watched this movie.  As teenagers we used to smoke to this and imagine breaking out of the mind control in altered states of infinite possibility.

I believe Pink Floyd were very brave as they challenged the control structures of their day.  Today we are contending with cyber realities… Continue reading

Cosmic Breath Rebalancing a New Earth


I breath in,
I breath out,
I look in,
I look out,
For the world I see does not exist outside,
For the interior is a vast landscape without limit,
As I bring into focus my true nature.

The universe is my frame of reference,
For even there is… Continue reading

Ken Wilbur: Is Yours An Integral Life?

To change the world we must learn to think, feel and intuit differently. Ken Wilbur is considered one of the world’s greatest philosophers. He is best known for his book ‘A Brief History of Everything’. He is one who would be considered a thinker outside of the box.

See what you think, perhaps you are… Continue reading

Wayne Dyer: You Will See It When You Believe It

We are shifting from ego based consciousness to what is termed a unity consciousness. The central concept is that we are all one.

Wayne Dyer has produced many books and is a public speaker on changing thoughts, getting clear about intentions and the idea believe it and you will see it.

To find yourself you… Continue reading

The Shadow of Ourselves Transforms into Peace

Carl Jung spoke of the Shadow. This is the part of ourselves we deny, bury, ignore and avoid. It is the negativity that runs our lives, keeps us from following our dreams, prevents us from saying sorry and looking at the world as failed.

When you face your own shadow with love, it dissolves. For… Continue reading

Self Reflection or Self Importance?

Byron Katie introduces The Work to the world as simple questions to question our thoughts. Increasingly I am seeing that unquestioned thoughts cause pain. For always truth is pain free. We make our mistakes innocently but it is important to learn from mistakes and to live in the present moment in peace. The essence is… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”