Problem Solving

Chinese Checkers, Russian Roulette or a State of Grace

I felt to write a poem about the Chinese/US standoff.  It is really an amazing process as I just allow the flow of nature to guide insight.  I never know what I will write until it is written and I see the truth in it.  Poetry is the song of the heart,… Continue reading

Norwegian Prison System is Nonviolent and Modelled on A Good Neighbour Philosophy

There will be prison authorities in Australia which will react to this believing that you have to punish to reform rather than model functional healthy behaviour.  Australia follows a ‘revenge’ model and it doesn’t work.  Nonviolence is the solution to inappropriate behaviour or negatively modelled behaviour. Michael Moore in the first video highlights… Continue reading

The Investigation of Inspector Clouseau (Clueso): This Dog Bites

I love this and dedicate it to the Inspector Clouseau’s out there investigating away happily.  

It is all about asking the right questions.  Will surveillance bring up the right questions or do we try and confirm what we believe?  That is the difference between investigation to uncover the truth and… Continue reading

Australian Military Training the Burmese Military Why?

Australia has entered the arms trade and this is very concerning for world peace.  My wish was that Australia become a peacemaker or international mediator as former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans had attempted in Cambodia many years ago. Instead it appears the government is focused on GDP or following allies into an industry that… Continue reading

We are in a Land of Confusion


Another wise one with a light in his eyes, Phil Collins. I love Nancy and Ronny Reagan.  Love the figures, hey superman, love the monkey’s.  Nuke or Nurse  Ha ha ha ha

I recall people at some point in his career critiquing him. I see that with really good people who… Continue reading

Have We Lost Agora’s of Clashing Reasons?




Knowledge is invited to state its case,

Within the confines of an essay,

Postulating for and against,

Intellectual precision that balks no challenge,

For a tightly sealed argument,

Is the kernel that never germinates,

In the heat of hot debate rather than polite discourse,

For the Agora was… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”