Clooney Foundation and Justice of the Peace

This is a TrailWatch Conference launch.  I saw QC Geoffrey Robinson in the audience a famous Australian Queens Counsel who was well know through the program “Hypothetical” on ABC many years ago.  I thought of Julian Assange as I know Geoffrey’s daughter was representing him. Refer

When I was in court I… Continue reading

Julian Assange to be Arrested in the UK? May the Force be With Him?

My feeling about this case is ‘the public interest’.  My next feeling is how many computers have the US, UK, Australia, Canada and all 193 countries of the world hacked into?  How many illegal activities have they undertaken under the veil of goverance and national interest? How is it permissible for intelligence communities… Continue reading

The Investigation of Inspector Clouseau (Clueso): This Dog Bites

I love this and dedicate it to the Inspector Clouseau’s out there investigating away happily.  

It is all about asking the right questions.  Will surveillance bring up the right questions or do we try and confirm what we believe?  That is the difference between investigation to uncover the truth and… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”