Industrial military complex

Australia Stuck between a Rock (US) and Hard Place (China)?

My first feeling on learning about the Australian/US war games and the China/Russia war games (Sept 11) turned to Australia rather than a mediator to assist countries who are building up in tension due to territorialism, power postures and interests – Australia plays with both sides seeking to find advantage economically and drawn to power.… Continue reading

A Brave New World or a Braver World of Whistleblowers

I am inspired today.  I always know when I am as there is just one continuous flow as I work.  Virtually no pause.   I feel Pink Floyd will be a channel for the feeling of many.

I love the dove in the beginning that turns into a dark eagle.  Clearly… Continue reading

Advance Australia not Fair but by Force as Arms Trading Extending Violence not Peace

This is how Australia loses its innocence.  All the rhetoric around terrorism is not the real reason for Australia becoming a target, it is its aggressive stance in a region geographically sitting below the the largest Muslim archipelago in the world.

I am a peacemaker and had no support in my attempts to teach… Continue reading

BAE, Saudi, UK Government and Slight of Hand Corruption

More rabbit holes… I feel like Alice in Wonder-land, I am wondering how this got out of hand.  I feel a sense of gratitude for the journalists who are compiling the truth. I feel the Guardian are truly a guardian of the public interest because those who should be, are not.  I liked… Continue reading

Dr. Steven Greer Reveals what is Unacknowledged

This is a documentary that provides a perspective on the US government.  It provides information on UFO’s, the military/industrial complex, the deep state and secret programs.  He states even a sitting President is not informed, it is on a “need to know basis” and not accountable to the public.  It is an… Continue reading

Budget: Australian Defence Spending

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could invest $200 billion into peace building.  This is 20% of global military spending ($1 trillion), we are a country of 24 million, small on international terms.  So why the need and how does this serve the Australian people? 

When I contemplate 90% of fatalities in… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”