Internet of Things or Surveillance of Everything

For myself I will be upgrading to the inner net of no thing.  In no thing is everything in my view.  Imagine that whilst you still can.  Do we become Smart or intelligent?

I see the words ‘internet of things’ and this is the connectivity that in my view disconnects our humanity.… Continue reading

A Brave New World or a Braver World of Whistleblowers

I am inspired today.  I always know when I am as there is just one continuous flow as I work.  Virtually no pause.   I feel Pink Floyd will be a channel for the feeling of many.

I love the dove in the beginning that turns into a dark eagle.  Clearly… Continue reading

Change Means to Allow New Information


We live in a world where to change your mind seems to mean you were not truthful.  Yet change is very important.  As we grow and take in new information we change.  Indeed we change when we are open to new information, that is how we evolve.  I remember I… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”