A Brave New World or a Braver World of Whistleblowers

I am inspired today.  I always know when I am as there is just one continuous flow as I work.  Virtually no pause.   I feel Pink Floyd will be a channel for the feeling of many.

I love the dove in the beginning that turns into a dark eagle.  Clearly the US is indicated here. I feel the bird as a stealth bomber.  The bombs dropping is the industrial-military complex on civilian areas.  A darkness descending.  The matrix will be how information is communicated and gathered.  Snowden comes to mind. The UK is part of this but crumbling.  The destruction and death is evident.  The fact this is a money making business rather than defence of freedom is the core issue.

The whistle blowers are the ones who stop the game.  They blow the whistle.  They are the ones who de-mask in order for the truth to be visible.  I feel them coming from within the cyber architecture.  They are the future heroes.  There are many who do not subscribe or know the big picture given doctrines of ‘a need to know basis’.  However, what one does to others returns to the self is a universal law.  Life is the mirror reflecting.

We all choose our reality.

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”