Clooney Foundation and Justice of the Peace

This is a TrailWatch Conference launch.  I saw QC Geoffrey Robinson in the audience a famous Australian Queens Counsel who was well know through the program “Hypothetical” on ABC many years ago.  I thought of Julian Assange as I know Geoffrey’s daughter was representing him. Refer

When I was in court I was treated abysmally.  I have witnessed judicial bias, lawyer deception and criminality.  I received no support for my complaints.  I do not want a world of Kangaroo Courts, notwithstanding I am Australian and the kangaroo is our national emblem.

We want courts not to be businesses but to be free and fair forums for grievances to be heard fairly so that the public can heal and justice is not seen to be done but actually done.  No judge should be immune from prosecution if he breaks the law or perverts the course of justice.  Lawyers should face charges if they tamper with evidence, concoct it or deliberately deceive the court.  There should be consequences otherwise they see it as a place to bully and win cases rather than a forum for justice to occur.

We the people want the corruption to stop so innocent people do not get criminalised or jailed.  There needs to be anti-bias training in Courts and Judges with specialised knowledge may be required for complex cases.  Moreover, there must be quality procedures and checks and balances to ensure Judicial neutrality, this protects Judges as well.  I like Mrs Clooney’s idea of cameras in courts which must be given to parties.  

We need to investigate who owns Courts, investors, super funds and if there is interference in the running of courts. 

The regulators and those in positions of appeal must be impartial.

May visibility, openness and truthful inquiries set all free as a matter of true justice. 

My video is below this as my own deliberations on justice.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”