Chinese Checkers, Russian Roulette or a State of Grace

I felt to write a poem about the Chinese/US standoff.  It is really an amazing process as I just allow the flow of nature to guide insight.  I never know what I will write until it is written and I see the truth in it.  Poetry is the song of the heart,… Continue reading

The True Measure of Success

This is dedicated to those involved in risk management and the resolution of conflict.  May they find the wisdom in equality of all parties for the sake of peace.


Everyone does their best,
From their perspective of the world,
No two see the same.

Everyone seeks happiness,
To be… Continue reading

Obama Inspiring a Tea Party of Mutual Understanding

Below is a video of Carl Rogers one of the greatest communicators that the United States has produced. The video speaks of international relations but it equally applies to groups learning mutual understanding. That it is not about right or wrong but to learn how to collaborate and cooperate.

The challenge with the US shutdown… Continue reading

New CIA Acting Director – An Inquiry into Emotional Intelligence?

This blog will discuss my hope in moving forward for the intelligence community. There are two excellent videos on new ways of thinking in emotional intelligence and personal inquiry in order to develop holistic vision and to ensure analysts and leaders ask the right questions. At the end of this blog is a short profile… Continue reading

Obama Dreams of a Peace Built on Freedom and Dignity

I just listened to President Obama’s acceptance speech and could feel the power of love and unity permeating his words. I recall some cynical media commentary saying ‘where is the hope?’ you only had to listen to his words to feel his optimism and calling as President. These are the times for real leaders to… Continue reading

US Forces in Australia: Are We Waiting for the Next Big Thing?

Today I sent a poem to Foreign Minister Bob Carr regarding the US visit of Hiliary Clinton to Perth on 13th November.

My inner feeling was that Australia could take on a peacemaking role and be a mediator. We saw that cultivated by Gareth Evans when he was Foreign Minister.

US Forces are building up… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”