Prince Harry Speaks of Diana’s Legacy to Rid the World of Landmines (IEDs)

I feel her spirit in my work today.  I feel it strongly.  It is not to confuse humanitarianism with politics, they are completely separate issues.  For me I could be seen as political but in truth I am a humanitarian as I am feeling more and more the need to speak up… Continue reading

May Aung Sun Suu Kyi find REAL HOPE in Burma

This interview was undertaken a year ago.  It feels like a good place to start to assess the situation for Aung Sun Suu Kyi.  Clearly today the Rohingya are facing genocide.  Why do people wish to exterminate a people? They are seeing them as a threat.

REAL HOPE (s) is from my… Continue reading

Australia: Fight, Flight or Mediation in Syria?

I’ve added the last point – mediation in Syria because I have not heard people talk about making peace or de-escalation of the dispute.  I think back to Gareth Evans and his responsibility to protect doctrine.  I think this is where we are all responsible for atrocities in the world.  If you… Continue reading

US Solider Testifying to Murder and Issues of Violence and Problem Solving

This testimonial is very courageous and outlines a former marine John Michael Turner statement on his acts of terror in the war in Iraq.  Terrorism in my view is when a person or group inflict terror on any other person or group.   It is using terror to control others and win battles. In… Continue reading

New CIA Acting Director – An Inquiry into Emotional Intelligence?

This blog will discuss my hope in moving forward for the intelligence community. There are two excellent videos on new ways of thinking in emotional intelligence and personal inquiry in order to develop holistic vision and to ensure analysts and leaders ask the right questions. At the end of this blog is a short profile… Continue reading

Did Australia Go to War On the Basis of An American Lie?

When I was on radio in Melbourne many years ago I was invited to a speech given by Scott Ritter the former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq.  It was an explosive lecture at the time and I aired it on radio. 

I produced my own transcript as below. I met Scott Ritter… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”