Human Rights

Human Services Robo-debt Servicing Debt or Welfare?

This quote below is extracted from the article below, it is a core statement and drives to the heart of the problem.

DHS acting deputy secretary of Integrity and Information Jason McNamara told the Finance and Public Administration References Committee on Friday the data-matching program went well.   “The department’s view would be, we… Continue reading

Snowden States Assange Detention a Violation of Human Rights

Key questions here are Julian Assange’s rights.  Fortunately he has Geoffrey Robertson QC’s daughter as a lawyer.  Geoffrey Robertson is a Human Rights expert lawyer.  The issue for the Australian Government is where its allegiances align – human rights law, representation under the Constitution or is it influenced by other nation states?… Continue reading

United Nations: War’s Impact on the Disabled

This article by the United Nations reminds our world community of the ordinary people caught up in war who already have challenges in regular life.

Did you know:

“…An estimated 9.7 million people with disabilities are forcibly displaced as a result of conflict and persecution and are victims of human rights violations and conflict-related violence…”… Continue reading

Clooney Foundation for Justice Valuing the Rights of People

My thought on overviewing this was the importance of Amal in her human rights work having an impact on George and visa versa.  Moreover, the valuing of those who have been abused on the basis of discrimination and ignoring human rights.

We need more people around the world advocating for the poorest people who… Continue reading

Human Rights Report on Violations of Human Rights in Kashmir

The longer conflicts are left unaddressed violence escalates.  What is wanted is to de-escalate violence on all sides by addressing grievances.  This is the first step in conflict resolution.  Our world has not understood the importance of resolving conflicts rather than taking sides.  It is in the world’s interests for disputes… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”