Clarion Call to Humanity

I felt to write this poem yesterday sitting in a shopping centre. I had no idea what I was going to write but just follow a thread.  It is a recurring thread.  I don’t censor myself I tend to just write what I feel.  I don’t allow the intellect to get in the way of what feels true.  The intellect is a poor master and operates from what is taught rather than felt.  I believe intuitive feeling is more accurate. It is definitely a clarion call.



I AM the clarion call,

I AM calling for your attention,

Put down your iPhone and unplug from the matrix for Just-a-moment,


For now is the moment to UNPLUG.

You know that something is wrong,

And you are right,

What appears right has gone wrong,

But you can’t put your finger on it,

Know you must become strong in the coming times,

As your beliefs will be tested and values challenged as if wrong,

You may become isolated and feel alone,

You may lose your job, your family, your home,

You may become homeless without a penny to your name,

For we are losing our democracy day by day,

Human rights are falling by the way side,

The Universal Declaration of Human Right is set aside by a power elite,

Decoupling human rights from trade as the final tirade,

The UN Human Rights Council is disbanded as an impediment to prosperity,

Privacy is a compliance culture where you are trained to say YES,

As public assets of hospitals, police, courts, roads, medical, ambulance, universities, post office, telecommunications are privatised without any public share holding or right of reply,

Superannuation for retirement buys up global investments as profits are redistributed,

SMART city deals embed cameras, sensors, smart meters, NBN and automation in private networks of information data gathering as they intrude into private lives,

Looking through Windows detailing lives without permission,
Googling all the answers but not questions,
Twittering words but not wisdom,
Gathering nest eggs to feather other nests as raiders on the lost Arc,

The Cities become SMART not sustainable nor livable as we are watched constantly,

Cameras every 50 metres, facial recognition, tracking and profiling every one,

Encryption breaks the final link of privacy as paranoia pries as a private eye,

Passing more than 900 cameras a day is not public safety but a surveillance state of mind,

Silent weapons for quiet wars is the dominator blueprint collapsing the Project for a New American Century (PNAC),

As the new deal is over and the founding fathers are lost to his-story,

Lincoln’s memorial is dead and buried as all are enslaved when the statue of liberty finally falls,

A New World reordering attempts order out of chaos as the Roths-against-the-child is ritually abused,

An impossible chaos theory as order IS chaos in reality,

Sustainability is to ensure consumption does not take from future generations,

0.1% takes real wealth from 90% as High Tech Occupies palatial Mountain Views,

As they see no further than self interest as interest rates plunge and automation runs the show,

Gathering data is the new gold standard currency rendering the majority out of work,

Erecting sand castles as smart developments as windmills turn over in their minds eye,

Bitcoins are digital pulses not gold backed by convertible exchange,

For life is not a stock exchange or game of crap it is dynamic exchange where all win by spinning the wheel of life as karma,

Information is not communication or a knowledge revolution,

It is subject to interpretation, matrixes, AI and negative mind sets driven by profit not prophets,

Control is not security but powerlessness addicted to more and more and more chaos…

Unable to stop the habit until there is a run on the bank,

To find the coffers are empty as the gold was raided by fractional reserves,

Unable to invest in futures when sustainability was a marketing swan song,

Greed is good for those in denial who make-believe fake news,

Denial is not a river in Egypt,

The Nile is drying up and will meander no more,

The fertile crescents are lost in wind and desert storms as the norm,

Egyptian pyramids erode as the cap stone is buried under the temple mount,

The Himalayas are melting as the Ganges will die as flood water dries up,

IT cities are ghost towns as the electrical grid suddenly turns off when solar flares fire warnings of global warming,

Greenland releases methane from under a million year perma frost,

The cost is unaccountable as no one will be accountable for oil spills that kill life on earth,

The top 1 inch of arable land top soil is blowing in the wind as the real gold dust,

The cold winter solstices are now warm the summer solstices are now cold,

A red blood moon eclipses the sun of enlightenment

Gaia blows hot then cold as a Saturday night fever,

Desertification stretches and buries over the horizon radars,

Microwaves boost to 5G disrupting molecular structures as towers are struck out rapidly,

Geoengineering Chem trails drop chemical cocktails criss crossing blue skies as naught’s and crosses,

Barium and aluminum gently fall over populated areas with impunity as we have no immunity,

Cancer an epidemic of 2000 + nuclear tests, pollutants and environmental stressors,

For this ship is sinking as climates of change are traversing tipping points like domino’s,

Gaia is groaning under the strain of severe imbalance as she lists, storms and quakes,

Economic paradigms cling to illusions as pipe dreams pump prime an empty dam Wall on the street,

Jeshua Ben Joseph threw over their casino tables 2000 + years ago to shock doctrines,

Quantitative easing printing for the money changers to keep the End Game drones going,

As liquidity is infinite growth in money markets and finite limits to growth in natural systems becomes the real Game Changer.

Young people are protesting to strangers their fear as adults believe they can do nothing,

They say they have no power,

When they are powerful beyond beliefs,

We are imprisoned by beliefs that limit our growth when we are unlimited beyond belief,

Yet they do not know that they know what to do in truth,

It is only the truth that sets you free to be,


As nature frees dominion of the commons,

For common unity is the turn key tipping point,

When all must come together in community,

As we are in it together and we will not be saved by government, business or God,

We are the family that has separated and lost its way feeling too many dark days of the soul,

Yet there is REAL HOPES on the horizon,

For the true value of humanity is inalienable, sustainable and adaptable,

To any conditions,

No matter rendition or social credits,

We always get to choose truth over falsehood,

And it is always the truth that sets you free.

I am the Fool,

Hold onto my hand,

We must walk to the ledge,

Stand on the edge of a cliff,

Close our eyes and step over the edge in faith,

Indiana Jones on a quest for the Holy Grail,

Understanding the riddle is in the rhyme,

To save those he loves with the elixir of eternal life,

To remember the cup runneth over and heals all wounds,

The Holy Grail is not in the shiny golden cup,

It is not jewel encrusted or magnificent to the eye,

It is a simple Carpenters cup obscure, ugly and hand made,

Imperfectly perfect,

It is overlooked in its simplicity as worthless,

For the greatest worth cannot be seen in trinkets or casino markets,

It holds the space in the spirit of valour, truth and integrity that it can be seen,

As together in trust we:

Step off the cliff of self deception,

Step off the cliff of irrational fears,

Step off the cliff of pessimism,

Step off the cliff of fear,

To re-member to…

Step into life with trust,

Step into life with love,

Step into life with REAL HOPE,

Step into life with renewable empowerment,

For the power always was to go with IN not with OUT,

As you feel y/our way to the good, the holy and the beautiful,

As you look into the mirror of y/our own magnificent eyes to truly see,

That what is weary suddenly becomes wise,

And that is the holy see,

That turns what was wine into water courses,

To realise the answers all lay within the heart of gold

when you stop talking and listen to the wise voice within,

For stillness is the still point a galactic centre point of great clarity,

As you will know what to do next when you let go of control.

Valour (courage) brings you to the door of a renewable life,

You will hesitate then integrity will reach for this new door way,

Albeit a cross ways …. threshold,

You will be out of your comfort zone yet STILL you will step out into uncertainty,

A new portal of understanding opens as you step over the threshold in faith,

Hand over your heart you will step out in faith,

You will step out of unhealthy patterns that no longer serve you,

For always something comes whether you plan for it or not,

Life brings solutions – as you ask it is given,

Making peace with uncertainty is the keystone,

You take that leap of faith,

To then hear the cheers as you realise many came before you,

Many stood at that very same edge,

Many were frightened to make a move,

Yet life moves you,

Many are laughing as they now see the joke of fear over love,

To step through this door you must realise love over fear,

As tears of gratitude form like shaking diamonds of relief beyond belief,

A water fall as you are never alone in this new world of wonder rather than order,

You are with friends and family smiling to welcome you home,

For the real world is loving compassion as your success was never in doubt,

Each day is successive you can never fail (FALL),

Compassion is loving WHAT IS (NOW),

Not worrying about what isn’t (PAST, FUTURE),

The purpose of life is to re-member compassion,

This is the passion of the criss cross or Christ consciousness that is real love,

To remember what you do to another returns to the self,

Life is the mirror and the mask,

It is a self fulfilling prophecy,

What you think about you bring about… do you see?

Cup half empty or half full (fool)?

For we are ONE family, ONE breath, ONE story evolving,

At-ONE-ment is A-tone-ment,

OMni is a tone of harmony in perfect pitch,

Silently calling all home to peace,

It is a peace bell or singing bowl sending out the clarion call,

And peace is the real home to which all return before they leave this mortal coil,

The double helix expands the spiral to 5D,

As we awaken on time,

This is the frequency tone that sees beyond belief,

For the human spirit is not a neural network or an electrical circuit breaker to be programmed,

It is the silent spring prompting that you are more,

It is the gentle nudge that feels urgent,

It is the impulse that breaks out of control for no reason,

It may seem crazy to jump without a parachute!

All instinctively know their way home,

Another leap of faith takes you to the next level in the cosmic game,

And when the time comes you will know what to do,

To simply be who you are,

A holy grail is the brail where you feel the letters of the lore,

For there is nothing more magnificent than the human who lives without condition,

Unconditional love is the human condition that is truly unlimited,

And this clarion call is to call you home NOW,

In peace.

OM Shanti
You are dearly loved,
As Every

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”