Magnetic Fields

Can 911 and Terrorism Catalyse Compassion Around the World?

My intention is genuine peace and harmony.  My mind is open to sources.  I do not demarcate between diverse viewpoints.  I am listening. I know that all reading this are meant to come to this material.  This is the Oneness you have called as you have questions. If it doesn’t resonate… Continue reading

Pole Shift in 2017?

I feel inspired to look at a Pole Shift. This is a YouTube video citing information coming from a NASA Scientist and a prediction of a pole shift in 2017.

The magnetic field is very interesting.  I wonder how the changing magnetic poles affects our magnetic field.  

I have observed differences when travelling… Continue reading

University of California Presents Earth’s Magnetic Field by Professor Constable

Professor Constable gives a lecture on the Magnetic Fields at the University of California. She is a Geophysicist at the Scripps Research Deputy Director. She was born in Scotland but grew up in Australia completing her undergraduate and Masters degrees in Australia. She provides an excellent and informative lecture as this is her field of… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”