Carl Jung’s Alchemy of Truth

Here are a few videos on Carl Jung.  I visited Bollingen when I was in Zurich with my lovely husband Paul.  We had the opportunity to walk through his home and I sat near the house looking at the mythological carvings, feeling the area.  I realise today I saw the philosophers stone… Continue reading

The Voynich Code a Secret of Nature

This is interesting Manuscript embodying a code that has not been cracked.  Below the film is a BBC overview.


Breakthrough over 600-year-old mystery manuscript

  • 18 February 2014
A page from the Voynich manuscriptImage copyrightBEINECKE LIBRARY
Image captionProfessor Stephen Bax found the word Kantairon alongside a picture of the medieval herb Centaury… Continue reading

A Thousand Name for Joy is the True Meaning of Loves Awakening

Byron Katie was a gift who came to me when I was in a really difficult situation.  I desperately searched for transformative peace and she showed  up.  I knew intuitively she was who I was seeking. I had asked for a christ like character who was alive. I have no doubt that… Continue reading

Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility

I felt inspired to write about the future from the future looking back.  The wonder of poetry I can time travel in my heart envisaging REAL HOPE


Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility


I am in the future looking back,

Full Spectrum Dominance was barely… Continue reading

Are You Ready For a Global Reset?

I felt inspired to write this today.  When I touch on truth I feel deeply happy.  




Who are we?

Who will we become?

Will we share the bright optimism of a rising sun?

Or allow the dark clouds of confusion to obscure the light of fun,

Why not… Continue reading

Nothing Comes from Violence

In truth change does occur but the question is – what sort of change do you want?  There are dynamics here that I am exploring whilst writing this. On face value Sting (music below) is right, yet under the surface tension the opposite emerges.  The calls for peace were heard loudest after WWII.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”