Nothing Comes from Violence

In truth change does occur but the question is – what sort of change do you want?  There are dynamics here that I am exploring whilst writing this. On face value Sting (music below) is right, yet under the surface tension the opposite emerges.  The calls for peace were heard loudest after WWII. We seem to need to be forced to address violence when it affects us personally, when it hurts. I guess we learn from experience and observation as Francis Bacon reminds us. Perhaps violence is the contrast making us decide that we want better, we want improvement, we want virtues and kindness.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights emerged from the great abuses of WWII and the holocaust.  The question today is – Can we move to a higher octave of consciousness where we no longer use violence (fear based) as a catalyst but make decisions from a love based consciousness? Thus, we naturally consider best interest.

The events in the nightly news make us think twice. Ask – What are we co-creating together?

  • I think of the police beating the people in Catalonia yesterday. What will this achieve? Will they frighten the Catalonians from Independence or push them into the alms of it?  Determination for change!
  • The man shooting into the crowd with an automatic weapon in Las Vegas.  How will that impact the psyche of Americans? Will it remind them of the violence within? Is it really about groups or a consciousness of violence that takes hold in the disenfranchised, alienated and angry? Revenge comes from violence!
  • The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Balkans, Syria, Chechnya, Sudan (Darfur), Philippines, Congo, Kashmir, Myanmar and current tensions.  What of the arms trade? What of nuclear weapons for some but not others? What of profiting from pain? Money comes from investment in weapons, 1 trillion per year approx. Violence is profitable!
  • I think of domestic violence, gossip, abuse, prostitution, child slavery, bonded labour, psychological injury, covert bullying and so on.  A sense of power over others masking insecurity and fear. Power over comes from violence! (this power is egoic not real power that is love based).

The invention of the word ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorism’ has only served to demonise specific people and distract from the issue of violence as a tool to get what is wanted or scare off what is not wanted.  When we label we unconsciously or consciously send a message of non-reformable, when we believe this then the idea of destroying that other is validated.  Perhaps the real counter-terrorism is focusing on the needs and concerns of those in conflict.  Is it jobs? Access to resources?  Health needs? Access to food? Seeking empowerment? Gaining respect? Ideology? Religious beliefs? Ownership? etc.

Why not problem solve the problem and then look for creative solutions. You will get inspired when you look at what good can come. It always does. We live in duality. Look beyond the news and into the outcomes, what is actually occuring as a result of x,y,z – does it unite or divide? This perspective then transforms into the attitude of gratitude eventually. I am learning to step back discipline to not move into judgement but to observe (remember Francis Bacon) and see what happens in experience. We start to realise what we needed to learn. What if life in truth is about learning who we are. Some learn from hard experience, some learn through wisdom. Ultimately we all learn.

Violence at its essence is a call for help. It is losing control in truth. It is forcing outcomes through fear and this in itself comes from insecurity. So fear is the real enemy of humanity – what do you feel or think? In some philosophies they indicate that fear and guilt are the enemies of humankind. So this is what it means to say there is no enemy. In truth we hurt ourselves as guilt remains with us if we kill.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a result of going against what is our truth, the men return with deep senses of guilt, trauma is resistance against a situation and stress is fear.  So fear and guilt.  This is problem solving that just flows with the feeling of solution and realises that a great deal comes from violence in truth but the essence of Sting’s song is the fruitlessness of killing for advantage and the zero sum game that eventuates. So if we fight for peace for example we will never have peace. We kid ourselves believing we are fighting for a higher cause but in truth we spread fear and hate and call this justifiable as they are an enemy. As I just said fear and guilt are the enemies. So we come back full circle. What did we learn? We keep going until we get it or destroy ourselves. (I’ve just added this in above below, but will not edit the next para as it reinforces hence as above so below, I like that).

Violence has many manifestations which we can label but ultimately it is the same energy of division, fear, hate within a separated state of consciousness that has no understanding of what you do to another returns to the self.  One way or another it will return, in this life or the next. Life is circular. We end up hurting ourselves – why do we do this?  Can we learn from this experience or do we go into denial and project our issues onto others blaming them for our pain.  Blind anger produces this psychological state.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that illuminates what you focus on you expand.  What you feel, believe and focus on you will attract.  If you keep focusing on a negative world you will indeed see it, feel it, validate it and manifest it as you arm yourself for protection. What is not understood as the more you think ‘protection’ life sends you the evidence.  The same could be said for Defence or Security. What if we re-focus on: safe, trust, explore, resolution, peace, abundance for all etc. People will say this is naïve clearly the world is unsafe.  However, what they don’t understand is electromagnetically they send out a thought into life and life does absorb this and reflect back. We literally create collectively through our thought forms (they say form as it manifests into form). The real power is to learn to focus on what is wanted not unwanted and be consistent. Imagine that. So instead of defence (first act of war) we focus on expanding peace, dialogue, solutions etc. This is a change in consciousness from the negative to the positive – a positive transmutation. It takes consciousness to remember to shift, otherwise unconsciously we fall back into unconsciousness. An example of this is meditation. If you sit and try to breath staying conscious watch your mind go into stories, visuals, the day, yesterday, what someone said, fantasies blaa blaa.  If you want to be present sit in nature and really listen to the birds. I did this today. I felt my mind go blank and reality was here and now. This is reformation (reformulating) or changing the pattern (pattern making) it works on the fundamental truth that we are the Creators of Our Reality.  What do you feel or think? What form can we change into? It will come from your thought-form. So if we drill down here – we literally create the events and times we move through and that is why many wise ones try to get you to think about what you are thinking about (awareness). So you awaken to what you are thinking and hence co-creating with others. So the real work of peace and nonviolence starts in our thinking process. If we go into stillness which all awakened ones recommend we move into the reality beyond thought which is akin to source consciousness. This is where the answers truly reside. Most of us keep on controlling and we just can’t let go, can’t trust as we have to survive and on the story goes. As you realise it is a story you step out of the conditioned mind pattern and understand that there is nothing to do but be who you are. Life will guide this.

Can we take responsibility for the violence within ourselves and then assist people.  It is a bit like the plane where you are advised to put the oxygen over your own mouth then the children. We have to get it right within ourselves, aligning to nonviolence, aligning to peace and then violence will de-escalate. No point blaming or jailing or forcing change, you have to target the issue at its root, the mind, the ego, emotional discord (childhood) and move into stillness, awareness and love to transform or reform as I explained above. (As above so below).

Can we model for children a world that shows respect, empathy, compassion, love and truthful expression as a demonstration of what unity looks and feels like? This will happen like an apple dropping from the tree when we ripen, when we mature, when we get it. Children will watch carefully our example. If they are loved in an adjusted healthy way, they will naturally evolve peaceful attitudes and behaviours and expand upon it. This becomes the evolution of consciousness generationally speaking.

A good tip to get you started is the Work of Byron Katie, this is all about personal inquiry into negative beliefs (conflict transformation) and the reality that life is a projected reality. This becomes clear when you start to question what is unquestioned. When we clear the filter that obscures our vision of reality we will start to see our world without a story.

We are fragile when we believe in the violence and abuse as unending but at the same time we can choose differently. We are incredibly resilient when we are open to learning. Tears bring you to your knees and push us into despair, however the rain washes the strain away as we arise the next day a little stronger. The key is to learn from experience and open to real change.

Perhaps ultimately nothing comes from violence. What if nothing is no thing? What if no thing is the non manifest? What if the non manifest is zero point. Is this home?

This song by Sting says it all.  Mercy Baku




Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”