Carl Jung’s Alchemy of Truth

Here are a few videos on Carl Jung.  I visited Bollingen when I was in Zurich with my lovely husband Paul.  We had the opportunity to walk through his home and I sat near the house looking at the mythological carvings, feeling the area.  I realise today I saw the philosophers stone there, I just had a look at it and remember seeing it.  Carl had used blue stones in the building.  In one of my blogs I realised suddenly that it was a sacred space, it came as a flash.  I believe I saw Carl’s grave but he would never have put any acknowledgement to himself, it was a mound.  I felt peace at Bollingen.  I loved Carl Jung, one of my earliest teachers.  One of the worlds greatest Psychoanalysts, on the same parallel as Rudolph Steiner. Both alchemists. I am saying this as I am sensing it writing.  Often the greatest of our scholars are unacknowledged as they took as to places beyond science, yet they were indeed scientists of metaphysics, this is the expanded science of universal knowledge.  All is beautiful. 

This is the book by  Maud Oakes’s mentioned in the video below.  She met Carl and she wrote a book about the meaning of his philosophers stone.  She and he talked about the white man and how he has taken the indians heart away.  They are speaking to the heartlessness of the ‘white culture’.  I have felt this.  ‘This Stone Speaks memoir personal transformation’

The stone has the feminine symbol on the clothing.  We must embrace the feminine is my feeling.  We must go within to rebalance what is without.

I have felt guided in my life.  It truly astounds me.



Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”