A Thousand Name for Joy is the True Meaning of Loves Awakening

Byron Katie was a gift who came to me when I was in a really difficult situation.  I desperately searched for transformative peace and she showed  up.  I knew intuitively she was who I was seeking. I had asked for a christ like character who was alive. I have no doubt that The Work is the awakening of humanity.  It is about real freedom.  For me it has taken years to gain insights, but I feel I am still awakening to this mystery, it is very exciting following life’s lead.  Day after day I open to the flower of the real truth that sets me free to be WHO I AM.

May this awaken you to your true self.  Love is my only truth and I feel deeply at peace when it opens to reality.  When I return to this I know.


Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”