Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility

I felt inspired to write about the future from the future looking back.  The wonder of poetry I can time travel in my heart envisaging REAL HOPE


Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility


I am in the future looking back,

Full Spectrum Dominance was barely known in islands of automation,

People went about their lives busy yet feeling free in 2018,

Unable to see the silent curfew coming down as invisible bars on the street.

Closing down democracy and the civil liberties of personal freedom,

As a renewable cyber reality was the matrix of 0,1.


The promise of freedom was enshrined in:

Free health care,

Free education,

Free roads,

Real social security as a safety net,

Slowly it evaporated like the mist of a beautiful dream,

As users should pay for public services,

Despite more taxes, higher prices (CPI) and GST.


Market forces are more efficient!! they would say,

Go to court or pay!! is the choice you have!

If you can’t afford here is a pay plan! Not a party plan.


Government is inefficient! they claimed!

So the razer gang silently cut funding to make right this blight,

Shortage is a confection? (fabrication)  Not so sweet!

The strategic song is a mutiny on the bounty,

Privatisation is the over horizon radar surveiling for more cash cow’s in the feed lot,

A tax haven becomes heaven sent,

Cattle class: a mass consumption function,

The multiple propensity to consume multiplied the loaves and the fishes as credit crunches under ones feet,

Privatising the ‘public goods’ without debate or fanfare was a brilliant coup de tat,

The money changes were the magician’s reshuffling and stacking the deck to swap options,

Cards held under the round table as the square peg of corruption flourishes in a chamber of secrets,

Pulling off a magic trick with false flags to pull another rabbit out of the hat again and again,

To feel the quantitative easing (printing $) of de-stressors relaxing into investing more into GMO cash crops,

This is the energy impetus of his industry complex.


The Corporation base ball hat replaces the constitutional crown,

A crown casino or a crown of thorns where all must sacrifice for the greater good,

The global CEO is Gr8 replacing the Queen’s council,

The Republic of Plato philosophising Socratic dialogue or a Republican shutdown of a water-gate?

The royal flush finds new king makers who cash in the Joker for a third way,

Freedom of information is protected by the privacy of trade secrets as the trade practices final Act,

The lawyer is a turn-key character, monkey wrenching the plots in the Wizard of Oz,

Dorothy innocently pulls back the curtain to discover the staw man pressing peddles and pulling levers of legal constraints to fear monger,

Puffing billy was the stage show blowing smoke and the whistle in The End.


The lion, the tin man and the straw man are not brand images but ethical dilemmas,

Lions encourage all to have courage ‘let us combine’,
The tin man oils his industry as his world is manufacturing consent?
Is he hollow and heartless rusting old paradigms or will he build with heart a new civilisation?
Scare crow is the coward, an ostrich refusing refuge to those cast out at sea,
He is dancing around the issues without substance watching the fox-tell him what to do next.

For civilisation was given three wishes of ‘who you will become’ as the message of that time:

1)      The truth sets you free to choose truth over falsehood.

2)      What you resist persist (ignore) what you look at disappears (face)

3)      Surface dwellers or deeper divers to explore the coral reefs before they bleach and die?

The public sector was a service sector allocating resources not a business extracting resources as sovereign rights sold to foreign gold miners who value add the economy as a tin man,

Government was grounded in equality, inclusivity and dialogue at round tables of courage,
not self-interested square boardrooms of heads and tails flipping bitcoins to take another chance on liberty,

It was open access as we had boundless plains to share without non–disclosure contracts in pacific rim partnerships unaccountable to duty of care or sovereign allegiance,

Cross subsidisation was to share what is fair not to profit from propositions of endless users pay,

In principle to allocate infra-structure across all divides for better or worse, rich or poor, urban or rural, working or not working as the first principle of equality not the last,

As private roads take its toll, public transport fees, supermarket chains which are not community gardens, no free energy, unaffordable housing, calls are monitored, water costs, parking is restricted, entertainment is opera, education is for fee paying students.

This excludes the public good of ‘equality’, ‘equity’ and ‘fairness’ as the increasing percentage point of ‘affordability’ is not a share market but a market that does not share.

Profits exclude prophets as the wisdom of the dream keepers re-member egalitarianism watching it fade cap in hand (respect) as the cap on trade (wealth) of capitalism,

For Government spending was not an accounting balance sheet where it must all balance as good governance,

Debit spending (fiscal policy) was the pump that primes the engine when it stutters, rather than choke off the good fuel it was to open up to allow more fuel to run the engine of growth,

The Ideological philosophy of ‘born to rule’ versus the ‘working class’ were both illusionary tricksters in an Agora that was only for the senators, representatives and their political action committees,

The public were out in the cold as remote viewers (voyeurs) in a Roman coliseum watching the show as info-tainment kept then arguing in armchairs but not acting in their own interests,

Serving up for them the ‘good’ guys versus the ‘bad’ guys – so why not throw them to the lions!  They didn’t tow the line!!

Conflict resolution was never proposed as a solution but rather the blood sport of conquest wins, where boys run the show and take the credits,

The truth tellers pointed out the ‘emperor has no clothes’ were sold out in a sequence of A, B, C to deflect attention from the criminal court of the King makers.  ABC was a tele=vision of:

A = Alternative viewpoints (bigger picture)
B = Broadcasting in the public interest (service)
C = Challenge (drawing renewable lines in the shifting sand)

The Magna Carta is not a nice lady but a declaration of rights (equality) emerging from the serfdom of brutal dictatorship with no checks and balances,

Dissent is disloyalty demonised as ‘traitors’ – off with their heads – Alice is in wonder-land,

The pesky peasants had no land holding, assets or self-determination as they were inter-dependent,

The surf is not waves and white beaches but working classes pauperised as they were ‘born to serve’ as bonded labourers believing ‘the lucky country’ is a given from the mercy of the master,

Crumbs are not falling from the table(t) but going off-shore as Apple crumble feed grey birds of prey,

Genetic superiority selectively fast breeds to keep the classes apart,

Education became the gatekeeper of higher privileges as this class rules okay!

Government spending was indebted to poor management rather than pump priming the engine of: health care, education, welfare (faring well), emergency services in the public interest,

Spending supplied to meet needs (demand) as wellbeing is a common wealth of a nation state,

As not everyone works, is educated, feels well or is safe and sound,

As the state did determine the fate of the vulnerable and infirm to Advance Australia Fair for a ‘fair go’ was the swan song of the aussie battlers innocently lost at the front, by the sea in Gallipoli,

Equality was the sanity of humanity in a solid state.


I witnessed the signs of visionaries shouting ‘GET-UP’, ‘STOP – WRONG WAY – GO BACK’,

Announcing a fork in the road dividing opinions,

As the spin replaced ‘truth’ with marketing catch cry’s,

The home-less cried for they felt the hard edge as they stood on the ledge,

Questioning humanity when there is nothing to live for (no hope),

For they were the losers, failures and rejects that did not reform to conform,

They silently showed the failing system as they asked in the end for ‘change’ not ‘coins’,

It was no longer a free for all but a free fall,

As they sat silently help-less on the cold ground awaiting hand-outs,

Not money but friendship was the real call on the street,

As a friend extends a hand up not a hand out,

Yet people walked past in confusion at their plight,

Unable to respond as they victim blamed lives of shame,

Unable to see the system’s syntax error that put them there,

For that could call into question what they believe is true,

The sacred cow is the cash cow,

To realise it is our beliefs that divide and create wall street,

As the Big Issue is  …

Do you choose to live in fear or love?

See the fork in the road?

Or do you choose The high–way of self-determination or the digital superhighway of inter-dependence?

Why not main line:

  • Interconnectivity (matrix, matrices)
  • Personalisation (ads tailored, tracking, profiling)
  • Education (modules, competition, digital pathways, tracking, profiling)
  • Shopping (facebook advertisements, data access, statistics, cookies)
  • Surveillance (monitoring policy)
  • B-pay (bitcoin, trading)
  • Digital currency

This is the 21st century of smart phones, smart tv’s, smart cities to make us future ready,

To ask:  are we really ready for the future?

Some say no costs in a broad band network of broader band width,

Full spectrum dominance was the matrix where one chooses the red pill or the blue pill?

The price of entry to one is compliance or the other is to know thyself and be true (free will),

Belief in control (moulding the clay) or the Philosophers stone (releasing the angel from the stone),

“No information is lost” the leaders excitedly state!

All is captured in this cyber net as a drift net (key words, schools),

Yet in this world ‘nothing’ is for free literally,

There is only certainty of a cyber world that thinks for you,

Make sure you obey the rules and do what is told,

To realise 1984 became 2024.


Freedom of speech was no longer a democratic right but criminalised as sedition given property rights,

Petitions were not the right to protest but criminalised if corporate interests were curtailed in any way,

Compliance became the vote not a voice,

A tick box with no access or discussion of ‘what you really want’ is the only choice,

Resolution to resolve conflict became edicts in kangaroo courts,

When rules are broken ethics are relics with no value,

All were credited bitcoins in cyber currency,

There was no currency of love or rich deposits,

Those who come off the grid have no money or avatar status,

You will starve with the home-less out in the cold,

And this was the brave new world that became fearful,

Sadly many awakened too late.


I am in the future looking past this possible fate,

For I made a different choice before it was too late,

I created another possible future,

I SPEAK UP as I have human rights,

I envisaged a future based on love, respect and true freedom,

I was tracked, monitored and my data stored,

As if the secret service is only Control or Chaos – is this to Get Smart?

To stay in the heart of peace is a third sider wise agreement,

It is the incubator and navigator as all are born free in equality.


To understand the truth is to never hit back,

To love unconditionally is to never seek revenge to get even,

It is better to be odd,

To live nonviolence is to be vulnerable without defence in a peaceful world,

As truth is what ‘feels good’ and opens new doors never imagined,

As the Charter of REAL HOPEs emerges the rainbow serpent of antiquity:


To envisage REAL HOPE in a possible future of:

  • Responsibility: you have the ability to respond you can do something, it is in YOUR HANDS.
  • Empathy: is to stand in another’s shoes, sit on the street with the homeless and listen to their plight,
  • Awareness: is to look at what is being done in your name, notice, does it represent you or not?
  • Love: is to share, care, reveal and heal. It is to be visible in loving kindness to all.
  • Honesty: is to SPEAK UP, to say your truth with love and respect for all to hear as this is the game changer, for it is the truth that sets all free. Truth always ‘feels good’.
  • Oneness: is not interconnectivity but ONE in true community where we love our neighbours as ourselves. We reach out to the home-less around the world and invite them in. We solve the problem and never hate the person. For what I see in another is in myself.
  • Peace: is the yin and yang of opposites co-existing. It is the contrast of life as a creative spiral growing to discover peaceful resolution in all questions. It is the peace that passeth all understanding. It waits in the stillness to welcome you home alone.
  • Enjoyment: is the clown learning to laugh at life and not be serious. Friendshipism en-joys each other. That no-one makes you happy but to BE happy. The purpose is to live in the moment.
  • Service: is to live to give of your talents, to serve the greater whole with peace in mind. It is to speak out to all, to live by example and to not fear those who trespass against you.  The greatest service is truth, the greatest love is giving and the greatest peace is knowing this.  For these are not the rules of life but the choice to live life with REAL HOPEs.  This is the peace meal of sharing (breaking bread), this is the spinning wheel of self reliance (trust), this is what it is to be real with hope (authentic future).  This is the gift I give to you.

So my friends REAL HOPE(s) is the golden fleece,

The transmutation of negative to positive,

From inter-dependence to celebrating independence day where all get to choose as is their right,

For we are family,

We are friends in the end,

We are infinite possibilities,

We are the way and the life,

We are the kite that sees further than self interest,

We are all for ONE and ONE for all,

And it is in the public interest that we fly,

To greater heights,

As the higher way,

Was always the free way,

That gives love to all,

As the call of freedom

from fear,

To re-Member:


and this is the sacred seal of all that is.

This song was shared with me upon the completion of this poem through a friend who felt it was confirmation from above that the words herewith spoken come from above with the deepest of love. 

On the Wings of a Dove



Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”