Courtney Herron murder: Do Homeless Lives Matter?

I felt to produce this brochure and gave it to some of the attendees at the Courtney Herron vigil.  I would like to advocate for homeless people like myself as we have no voice or representation.  I have provided ideas that could facilitate the empowerment of homeless people.  I am seeking others… Continue reading

US Homelessness is a State of Emergency

This is a video highlighting the homeless crisis in the United States.

Housing sustainability is a key issue and the worth of every person.  

I did have a chat with a woman in Canberra who was the partner in a Building Construction company.  I noted the Future Building across the street being… Continue reading

Britain’s Homeless In Winter

Britains homeless are the world’s homeless. India’s homeless are the world’s homeless. US homeless are the world’s homeless. Australia’s homeless are the world’s homeless.  Africa’s homeless are the worlds homeless.  Asia’s homeless are the world’s homeless.  Homelessness in every country is a world problem it travels beyond nation states. 

How will… Continue reading

Homeless Lives Matter Walk to Parliament House, Canberra

This video overviews my creating ‘Homeless Lives Matter’ in Canberra.  In one week I put together two initiatives to invite the public and homeless people to a walking meditation on City Hill (People’s Hill) to imagine the reality of homelessness.  The next day initiated a walk to Parliament House on the eve of… Continue reading

Candle Vigil for Deaths of Homeless Women

Many homeless women die, this is a reflection of a society that has lost its humanity. No person should be on the street or couch surfing.  I’ve been homeless coming up 2 years.  What happens to the poorest is reflective of the rest.  How would you want to be treated? The answer… Continue reading

Homeless Women – do you care?

From my experience the answer is no.  I’ve been homeless 1.5 years now and very few have offered any assistance.  I will never ask, but I note the ‘norm’. the issue of homeless is about the government and the society’s response, it is not the fault of those who live in poverty, that… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”