US Homelessness is a State of Emergency

This is a video highlighting the homeless crisis in the United States.

Housing sustainability is a key issue and the worth of every person.  

I did have a chat with a woman in Canberra who was the partner in a Building Construction company.  I noted the Future Building across the street being erected. I tried to talk to her about homelessness as soon as she saw I wasn’t a customer, she switched off.  Her phone rang and then she came back out to the front (probably worried that I was there) then made out I was wasting her time as she was on the phone.  I told her I hadn’t finished speaking.  I gave her my flyer about Homeless Lives Matter and a survey.  She took them but homeless is not money, this is the corporate barrier as they only respond to money making not humanity.  I sat with that and will work on how to reach all people for all people.  This is democracy.

I contemplate the blog I did on income equality as good which was a video produced by a wealthy man who had no idea of the inequality and the real barriers that exist.

I note women tend to be leaders in this area, I wonder why?  Where are the men?  The social of area tends to attract women because we can feel the pain of the people, we grew up caring for others.  I prefer to feel for people then disconnect my humanity for the sake of money.  Making a real difference in the world arises from activities that impact humans in positive ways.

This is the BIG ISSUE of our time.  I told a woman from ACTCoss that homelessness houses the solution to climate change. How you may ask – learn and you will see how they link.

This is a link to my attempted project to awaken politicians to the reality of homelessness.

The US is scary given the gun problem there.  I reflect on the One Nation party her talking with the National Rifle Association in their attempt to find funding.  They know not what they do.  Another issue raised in the documentary is the County not understanding how to resolve the homeless problem, the people are always walking the fine line of criminalisation.  A comment stated that in years to come it will be illegal to be homeless.  In Melbourne some politician wanted move on legislation.  Not a solution but punishment.  The drug problem is there because they are trying to feel good but the addiction makes them more desperate.  Where is compassion in this.  I wonder what Mother Theresa would say about this in a wealthy country that argues it is the land of the brave and the free.  Is it?  I see the big issue as power not democracy, this is where it is visible.

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”