Homeless Lives Matter Walk to Parliament House, Canberra

This video overviews my creating ‘Homeless Lives Matter’ in Canberra.  In one week I put together two initiatives to invite the public and homeless people to a walking meditation on City Hill (People’s Hill) to imagine the reality of homelessness.  The next day initiated a walk to Parliament House on the eve of the Australian Federal election.  The homeless have no vote as many do not live in an electorate, they have no representation, they cannot access homeless services if not on Centrelink.  Many do not vote as they don’t feel heard.  They feel rejected and alienated by society.

They require representation by them for them.  As it is clear those without lived experience tend to project negative stereotypes onto homeless people.  There is a serious disconnect as we witness they are sleeping on the street and the total number is more than 116,000 people in Australia, a wealthy first world country.  The problem is stigmatisation and emotional issues that are not resolved.  It requires compassion not victim blaming.

Susan shares her experience speaking with homeless on the street and some of the issues they confronted.  I see them as my people and I feel glad  I went to meet with them and connected.  It felt right to do it.

Anyone who wants to work with me get in touch email:  homelesslivesmatter@worldpeacefull.com

Press release:  https://ha.worldpeacefull.com/homeless/project-homeless-lives-matter-vote-to-walk-with-the-homeless-canberra/

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Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”