Is Canberra Corruption Beyond Plato and Aristotle?

First this is a petition for an Integrity Commission to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison signed by eminent Judges in Australia.  Signed by FORMER Judges not current.  I find that interesting politically.

Note: The avoidance of corruption should be changed to abolishment of corruption to be precise.

Some Judges may wonder if anything comes of it, I would like them to know it inspired me to believe in a future free of corruption.  Here is a poetry book I wrote inspired by Lady Justice.


Next is a poem I felt inspired to write about Corruption and Canberra.  I will add that corruption is in the people as well, individuals who are not honest, deceptive and seeking to defraud others or government as they identify with money as who they are.  All corruption comes from within where we move away from ethics and inner virtue. It never feels good. So this inner discomfort is projected out as suppression.

Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Confidence and trust in government and public institutions is at an all-time low. When this confidence and trust is diminished, pessimism, divisiveness and confl ict increase; and social cohesiveness is
harmed. As a result, the economy and the welfare of all Australians suffers. Ultimately, as international experience has shown, democracy itself is threatened and may be irreparably damaged.
Governments ignore at their peril demands by citizens to combat corruption with vigor.
A major cause of the current deterioration in trust is the suspicion that corruption permeates many governmental decisions and actions. Corruption, broadly understood in this context, occurs when
those in public office place private interests over the public good. The avoidance of corruption is an essential organising principle of our representative democracy.
Secrecy is at the core of corrupt conduct. Electronic communications and advanced developments in IT provide formidable means of concealing misconduct, which is diffi cult and expensive to combat.
Those involved in large-scale corruption are usually well-organised, experienced, astute and wealthy.
A well-funded and properly resourced national anti-corruption agency, with overall jurisdiction to investigate all public decisions and conduct, and with appropriate powers and protections, is needed to combat them. The price of freedom, and freedom includes living in a society free from corruption, is eternal vigilance.
Existing federal integrity agencies lack the necessary jurisdiction, powers and know-how to investigate properly the impartiality and bona-fi des of decisions made by, and conduct of, the federal government and public sector.
A National Integrity Commission is urgently needed to fi ll the gaps in our integrity system and restore trust in our democracy.
The National Integrity Committee has outlined a benchmark for designing a model integrity commission. It must have a broad jurisdiction and strong investigative powers, including public hearings, in order to adequately investigate and expose corruption and misconduct.
We urge you to immediately establish a strong, effective and independent
National Integrity Commission.
Open Letter on the Establishment of a National Integrity Commission
Add your name to the open letter
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The Hon Sir Gerard Brennan AC QC
Former Chief Justice, High Court of Australia
The Hon Jane Mathews AO
Former judge, Federal Court of Australia;
former judge, Supreme Court of NSW
The Hon David Ipp AO QC
Former Commissioner, NSW ICAC; former
judge NSW Court of Appeal
The Hon Anthony Whealy QC
Former judge, NSW Court of Appeal
The Hon Paul Stein AM QC
Former judge, NSW Court of Appeal
The Hon Ken Handley AO QC
Former judge, NSW Court of Appeal
The Hon Peter McClellan AM QC
Former judge, NSW Court of Appeal
The Hon Murray Tobias AM QC
Former judge, NSW Court of Appeal
The Hon Marcia Neave AO
Former judge, Victorian Court of Appeal
The Hon Bernard Bongiorno AO
Former judge, Victorian Court of Appeal
The Hon James Thomas AM QC
Former judge, Queensland Court of Appeal
The Hon Margaret White AO
Former judge, Queensland Court of Appeal
The Hon Mary Gaudron QC
Former judge, High Court of Australia
The Hon Jeffrey Miles AO
Former Chief Justice of ACT; former judge,
Supreme Court of NSW
The Hon Stephen Charles AO QC
Former judge, Victorian Court of Appeal
The Hon David Harper AM QC
Former judge, Victorian Court of Appeal
The Hon Geoff Davies AO QC
Former judge, Queensland Court of Appeal
The Hon Henric Nicholas QC
Former judge, Supreme Court of NSW
The Hon Bill Windeyer AM
Former judge, Supreme Court of NSW
The Hon David Kirby QC
Former judge, Supreme Court of NSW
The Hon John McKechnie QC
WA CCC Commissioner; former judge Supreme
Court of WA
The Hon Chris Steytler AO QC
Former judge, Supreme Court of WA
The Hon Peter Lyons QC
Former judge, Supreme Court of Queensland
The Hon Tony Fitzgerald AC QC
Former judge, Federal Court of Australia;
former President, Queensland Court of Appeal
The Hon Margaret McMurdo AC
Former President, Queensland Court of Appeal
The Hon Alan Wilson QC
Former judge, Supreme Court of Queensland
The Hon Geoffrey Miller QC
Former judge, Supreme Court of WA
The Hon Betty King QC
Former judge, Supreme Court of Victoria
The Hon Wayne Haylen QC
Former judge, NSW Industrial Court
Judge Philip Nase
Former Queensland CMC Commissioner;
former judge District Court of Queensland
Judge Greg Woods QC
Former judge, District Court of NSW
Judge Stuart Campbell
Former judge, County Court of Victoria
Judge Sarah Bradley
Former judge, District Court of Queensland
Judge John Robertson
Former judge, District Court of Queensland


What is corruption?
Cor’rupt’ion ‘phthora’,
A rupture in the body politic?
A standard deviation from the error in the estimate of minimum standards,
Where the ends justifies the means.

The usher of the Black Rod stands at West Minster,
A golden lion atop an ebony staff hails traditions carbon dating from 1361,
Symbolising the power of office,
The Queens representative,
A salient symbol of the Commons’ independence from the monarch,
The doors slam in the face of the Black Rod bearer blocking entry to the people’s house,
To urgently tap the rod three times,
To open the House of Representatives,
To summon Ministers,
Pomp and ceremony opens access and maintains social order within the Lords Chambers,
As this was the symbolic restraint on power of the people by the people,
Preventing the excesses of authoritarian rulers used against the commoners.

The Senate became the house of review to check what balances,
Restraining totalitarianism justified by the laws of the landed gentry,
For critical questions, Socratic dialogue and contesting voices open inquiries rather than blind obedience in fear of death,
To ensure the scales tip away from corruption of private interests to good governance in the public interest,
As unjust laws must be defeated in the review,
To ensure the Justice of the Peace,
This is the Peace in Justice.

Cor-rupt-tion – the sleight of hand that appears legitimate,
Bury’s truth, slips off-shore, re-negotiates power behind closed doors,
Enacts star chambers when threatened,
Removes checks and balances, scrolling down rights of review,
Restricted security access as turnkeys are keypads, fingerprints and swipe cards,
Hidden chambers under the symbolic pyramid on das capital hill,
A parliamentary tri-angle not of mind, body of spirit but executive (structural pyramid), defence (eagle eye) and City Hill (civilian),
Power was ‘to be or not to be’ in defence of civilians?
Canberra means an indigenous ‘meeting place’ of the many tribes symbolic of the burley Griffin,
The griffin symbolises divine power, the guardian of the divine pulling the chariots of the Pharaoh, Apollo, Nemesis and Alexander the Great,
A shield of the knights, sacred to Apollo, a protector from evil and slander to ascend Christ,
A vesica piscis of intersecting circles,
Cross land and water axis connecting sacred sites as such:

The Parthenon with Mount Salamis to the west, the Horns of Mount Hymettos to the east of Athens,

The Axis Urbis of Rome penetrates to the Alban Hills, six ancient shrines are built on a north-south axis stretching from Anzio through Lanuvio,

Nemi and Tuscolo to Tivoli with Monte Cavo as the pinnacle – the sacred mountain – Akin the Griffins’ Bimberi Peak in Canberra,

Buildings sited to embrace protective mountain forms,

The White Tiger and the Azure Dragon, with a slow moving body of water in the distance (Lake Burley Griffin),

The geometry of the Circle and the Cross: Genesis and Hermeneutic of the traditional Cosmology,

Societies linked by mythical logic,
To disseminate knowledge intent on reviving the paradigms of ancient cultures largely as a means of combating materialism and decadence which they saw as endemic to modem society,

A revivification of the Golden Age,
Sacred and divine orders which belie Athens and Rome,
Thus the Caput Mundi!

Democratic idealism fuses with organic naturalism into a public city,
A City Beautiful geometry is not a Smart Cities design,
But a balancing of energies for harmony and peace,
Symbols warning off corruption as a destruction of form and losing face,
One can knock on the doors of Parliament but there is no response or entre,
No questions in time at Question Time,
As compliance directives deviate from the letter of constitutional law,
Law is firm in letters to threaten and bullying one into moral submission for fear of rendition,
For fear of a penalty to learn speaking up to representatives can be illegal sedition,
A petition can challenge government contract law as transgressing pacific partnerships excising the common-wealth debasing tax,
To realise the government represents the people as contractees in their name without their knowledge,
For who knows what is best as the public interest?

Treason is trespassing on private property,
The Roman law of treason tries for slander (defamation) penalising confiscation on property lists,
Ruling classes are ‘bred to rule’ schooled in lineages of entitlement and privilege,
Working class are ‘born to work’ fooled in lineages of enslavement to property as a right,
The opera houses culture, refinement and higher learning as love dies gallantly in a heroes demise,
As the poor are the great unwashed and unsightly they could be thieves in the night,
Homelessness sleeps on the streets reducing market values in prime real estate,
Table conversation at estates suggest ‘Move on’ orders to remove this blight out of sight,
Rather than solving the great unrest where they have no time to sleep perchance to dream,
There is a silent scream as they are ‘not heard’ and no crumbs fall off the table,
If they rise up they are brutally repressed as fear rules okay!
And this is the dynamic that plays out for centuries,
A never ending story of haves and have nots,
Of privilege and poverty,
Of inequality and deception,
That will reach a critical mass,
As the masses become critical of corruption as it comes to light in their name.

I sit silently at peace near the spinning wheel,
I hold the rod and contemplate,
The state of play that is no longer fun for many,
For the law is not moral levies restraining the banks,
The banks are not separated from deviant derivatives betting on collapse,
Lawyers are not defending the honour of clients to ensure a fair hearing,
For this is not a level playing field as the cards are stacked under the table,
The dice are loaded to land on the right numbers in this crown (royal) casino,
As the royal flush is the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and number 10 of boys clubs,
It is playing for yields as investments live off rent not perpetuity,
Seeking to make ends meet by rightful means,
Corruption results when the ends justify the means,
Profit is entitlement (access),
Virtues are enlightenment (wisdom),
Wise philosophers ask many questions as they break the banks of inquiries,

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”