How to Break the Habit of Excessive Thinking

Do you spend a lot of time in your head, thinking about many things? Do you find it hard to go still?  Is thinking an addiction?  Is it a pseudo sense of self? When I write poetry I do not feel I am thinking, I just let thoughts flow.  When I clown… Continue reading

A New Era of Peace and Happiness for Little Children

This poem I felt inspired to write today as I contemplate one of the darkest issues on our planet – Pedophilia, I can barely write the words it so horrifies me. So I have felt to write and see what wisdom arises to help me to make peace with this. I feel the geometric circle… Continue reading

Can 911 and Terrorism Catalyse Compassion Around the World?

My intention is genuine peace and harmony.  My mind is open to sources.  I do not demarcate between diverse viewpoints.  I am listening. I know that all reading this are meant to come to this material.  This is the Oneness you have called as you have questions. If it doesn’t resonate… Continue reading

Right NOW What Are You Doing? Or Who Are You Being?

This is an interesting song from Van Halen it really makes the point of right NOW.  We live in an imagined world where we do not know what others are doing NOW, but we do know what we are doing NOW unless we are in the past or future.  Yet NOW is where… Continue reading

2012 Is About Living in the Present Moment

When you choose to live in the moment you live with your greatest power.  Life is not in the past nor is it in the future, it is no-where or now-here.  It is the place where dreams can come true.

Enjoy 2012 it is an amazing watershed year.


2012 IS ABOUT LIVING… Continue reading

Eckhart Tolle: Finding Purpose in the Present Moment

What I love about Eckhart Tolle is the peacefulness in which he speaks. To focus on the breath to bring people into the moment. So many of us are thinking of the past or the future but seldom do we return to the moment. This is the moment of no thought. Creativity can give you… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”