Universities and Lawyers Setting Up Abuse Victims in Australia

A notable quote from below:

“…Fellow student and established psychologist Luciana Cruz and I fought Bond University for a year.  We submitted complaints to every relevant organisation including the Australian Human Rights Commission.  The AHRC upheld my complaint of disability discrimination and harassment and sexual harassment throughout their entire process.  But the… Continue reading

Michael Jackson, Pedophilia, Objectification and Power

This  article below speaks of the revelations about Michael Jackson molesting young boys at his Neverland ranch, particularly the testimony of Australian Wade Robson who had previously testified he hadn’t been molested.  The truth has come out it is clear that Wade wasn’t able to speak the truth when Michael was alive, as… Continue reading

Child Abuse is not Love but Power

Are we powerless?  Are we voiceless?  What can the public do about child abuse?  What is the reason why people abuse children?  How do we reconnect community to protect children?

This is a poem I wrote.  I send out the call to end all child abuse and to make those… Continue reading

Can a 9 Year Old Make a Human Rights Statement Symbolically in a Democracy?

This is my view.

In our anthem are the words “We are young and free” and importantly “Advance Australia Fair” – are we doing that for the indigenous is an important question given the Deaths in Custody, the Stolen Generation, White Australia Policy and so on.  Are we being fair to a child who… Continue reading

Animals Large and Small with Kids

We live in an amazing world.  So much to discover when we over come all our limitations.

Here are a few animals depicting large animals and animals and children.  It is wonderful to see how they interact and how children respond to their behaviour.

These are unusually large animals and their owners.

Animals… Continue reading

A Child’s Wise Message to the World – We Must Change

This message is for humanity, particularly leaders who advance themselves through being unkind, hurting others for self interest.  This child accessed her heart, that is where wisdom resides.  Can you at the very least hear her message as you move through this life and considering smiling at people and being kind. Imagine she… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”