Ted Talk: Silicon Valley Technologist Wake-Up Call Smart Meters, Wireless & Children

Jeromy Johnson shares his wake up call to the world about wireless technology, particularly children. I realise I posted this before, it feels important.  It is a wake up call for sure.

He says he got into this topic 5 years ago, he was a young technology enthusiast, worked in Silicon Valley, always used smart phone and WiFi, he has a masters degree in Engineering.  Had anyone told him that wireless had health effects he would think them crazy.  He can relate to those who do.

It changed for him over the period of one week.  He stated to experience headaches, ringing in the ears, insomnia, brain fog never experienced before. Shared with a colleague at work and she said exact thing happened when a wireless Smart Meter installed.  

It has even caused homelessness he stated and some have taken their lives as they cannot get away from the radiation.

Google EMF research

World Health Organisation in 2011 said wireless technology possible carcinogenic, now there are organisations saying it is most likely cancinogenic

He lives in San Francisco area in the USA. 

He asks if this is regulated?  FCC in the US, he noted the regulations are 20 years old. Advanced technology using old regulations and based on a concept that says if microwave radiation if it doesn’t heat us it can’t hurt us. He says there are 100’s of studies stating this is false.  How is it that a regulatory body is not protecting the public?  He said industry is influencing the regulatory body.  A revolving door between the wireless lobby and the FCC commission in the US.  The science is heavily influenced by industry funding.  Henry Lie did research on the studies, he indicates 70% independent studies showed effects,  industry funded on 32% showed effects.  Influence on money.  Tobacco is an example of industry funding science to show safety. 

Listen to learn more about the topic, he has a website about this subject. 




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