Sexual Harassment

Universities and Lawyers Setting Up Abuse Victims in Australia

A notable quote from below:

“…Fellow student and established psychologist Luciana Cruz and I fought Bond University for a year.  We submitted complaints to every relevant organisation including the Australian Human Rights Commission.  The AHRC upheld my complaint of disability discrimination and harassment and sexual harassment throughout their entire process.  But the… Continue reading

US/Australian Military Tolerant of Sexual Assault and Fears of Victimisation

There are underlying beliefs that ‘boys will be boys’ and they want a little fun.  That is a mindset that does not comprehend the violence in harassment and rape and underlying this is a sense of entitlement.  For myself, is it surprising that some US marines attack women in Australia, not at all.… Continue reading

Harvey Weinstein Sexal Harassment Tapes

This is interesting to read. You can feel the pressure on her.  He also puts her in the wrong in respect of embarrassing him.  Rather than apologising.  He indicates he is used to doing this.

I recall when I went for a job at a Sydney pub.  It was the first… Continue reading

Guess What? Does Sexual Harassment Sell to Women?

Another case.  Sexual harassment is not fun or playful or photogenic. Sexual harassment is about power not play.

Guess co-founder Paul Marciano steps down after sexual assault investigation sparked by Kate Upton


The Structural Violence of Women is an Epidemic Worldwide

It is very important that some men awaken themselves to why they felt the need to suppress women and in the subtle ways they still do it. Women are wives, daughters and mothers.  They are friends.  This is a phenomenon that has afflicted women since the beginning. It is time to change. I… Continue reading

The Normalisation of Sexual Harassment to be Safe

I found this article and it lead me into deep contemplation. I am having my own awakening. This is an important conversation.

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Why We Smile at Men Who Sexually Harass Us

“Why do you always engage them? If you didn’t engage them, they wouldn’t keep talking… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”