Disturbing the Peace for Prosperity or Democracy? What is true?

Disturbing the Peace for Prosperity or Democracy?


This is a poem for the masters,

Of manipulation,

Pulling the levers of emotion,

For outcomes,

For incomes,

Who use division,

Who use hate,

To divide and conquer.


A revelation comes to me on waking,

For I am waking up to the manipulation

of the people,… Continue reading

Israeli Poet Amichai Says “Real Poems Deal With the Human Response to Reality”

An Israeli poet.  We never hear the voices of the peaceful Israeli’s.  Perhaps this is a beginning.

This is a kind man, I feel it in his beautiful eyes.  The kinder the eyes, the deeper the connection to what is real as one realises the truth is beyond words.  Only truth… Continue reading

In Defence of the Australia Israeli Relationship Awaiting the Sermon on the Mount

I pass the olive branch….

“I think our two nations understand one another in the deeper sense. We cherish the value of peace, freedom, democracy.

We battle the same forces of militant… Continue reading

Cyber Revolution in Australian Defence Force Positioning to Conduct War or Peace?

Only peace creates peace.  Only ‘good neighbours’ model good neighbours.  The foundations of peace lay in the intent for global peace.  If an industry profits from producing violent weaponry that causes great pain and suffering to civilians then please know what you put out returns – this is natural universal law. … Continue reading

Case of the Tillman Act 1901 Banning Political Donations, Why not Now?

Til the man Acts on political donations then we can start to look at equalising political power towards citizens.  This is critical at this time given democracy is representation of the people by the people.  There is a yearning for fairness in the community.  People need to believe in leaders if this… Continue reading

Corrupt Ferrovial Paid Catalan Party Commissions

This is the Spanish Parent Company of Broadspectrum.  It appears the company is used to paying party commissions for public works contracts.  Their subsidiary Broadspectrum is contracted to the Australian Government, very concerning.


UPDATE 1-Ferrovial paid Catalan party for contracts-reports

Reuters Staff


* Investigation part of alleged corruption in Catalan party… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”