The Israeli Lobby in the US

This is a powerful quote from my blog post below my video interview with a Holocaust survivor.

…Among the themes that the quotations superbly amplify are: the Jewish mandates to be a “light onto the nations” and to work for tikkun olam (the healing, repair, and perfecting of the world); the mitzvot to pursue justice and righteousness and to emulate God in His attribute of compassion; the implications of such mitzvot as “love thy neighbor as thyself”, “be kind to the stranger for you were strangers in the land of Egypt”, and “seek peace and pursue it”; Jewish business ethics; treatment of converts; how the ultimate goal of Jewish particularism is to benefit all of humanity and all of creation; and the ramifications of the Jewish “Messianic Vision.”

A key observation:

Is winning losing is losing winning?  What of a win/win, this is evolution.

The second video below is the first part of a Al Jazeera documentary investigating the Israeli Lobby and its impacts on university campuses in the United States.

It offers insights into thoughts, biases, attitudes and the covert wars within.

The Australian Prime Minister has recently stated consideration of moving the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem.  Australia is geographically postioned closest to the largest Muslim archipelago in the world.  Australian people have positive attitudes towards both Jewish and Muslim people.

I would like to see Australia in the position of mediator, not taking any side and assisting countries to find peace and stability which they all crave.  It is to lead by example and demonstrate democracy as a ‘lived experience’ rather than lip service.  Democracy actually is a process that enables the diffusion of conflict as we respect diverse views and we believe that all people have the right to their opinions. It is about dialogue, inclusivity and diversity.

When people create narratives or stories that are repeated as the story line then projection onto the ‘other’ demonising or smearing them so they appear the problem rather than solving the problem and not hating the person as advocated in conflict resolution.  Projection occurs when people deny pain and project it outward. The truth is suppressed and denied.  To look at the pain can be overwhelming as guilt will be felt and the feeling of being ‘wrong’ and this is humiliating and brings up vulnerability. Yet the greatest humility is found in honestly facing pain in order to experience it and enabling pain to release.  If it is denied, suppressed, manipulated then the pain remains and narratives continue to preach hatred and practice argument to win the imagined battle. When they do not connect to the inner truth then unconsciousness is in service to division and justified as ‘right’.

I note in the documentary statements around illegal surveillance of activists is part of the covert war.  It will not serve those who engage in this as what they put out comes back (universal law) and it appears they are using the same tactics in the US and other countries that they used on Palestinians perceived as ‘the enemy’.  I have produced a video about World Peace and Israel that I felt inspired to do. I had the clear feeling of the situation turning back onto the Israeli’s.  This is not said in negativity but in realisation. I feel this strongly. I felt to convey to them this feeling.

When narratives become silent and decide to deeply listen to other views, this creates the space where truth can arise.  I have experienced this and found it to be insightful.

There have been wise one’s who have walked the earth to remind humanity that love is the way and the life as a truism.  To sit and listen to those who hate you with peace in your heart, is the beginning of healing as it creates a mirror. Gandhi did this effectively with the British, in the end they came to see their own fascism and hatred and left as friends.

This video I recorded with a fellow peacemaker who is a Holocaust survivor who forgave the German’s,  it was painful for her to repeat her story but she is dedicated to peace.  The problem is fascism (totalitarianism) not the German people. This is the lesson being learned in Israel today.  When you fight you create what you fear.

This is a blog post I created as I felt inspired by the Jewish people

I can only share what I feel I can only lead you all to the door, ultimately you have to walk through it.  The truth sets you free.  It is not a concept, it is realisation.  We are all waiting for those in Israel investing in violence to come to a point where they have to look within, as the problem has not been solved, that is why it continues.  Terrorism is the creation of terror, whenever violence is used as a method of behavioural change, it will not work as the essential problem has not been resolved, that is why terror is happening in both conventional militaries, militias, secret police and extremists.   To de-escalate terror or any ism, one must greet this with love and understanding to see clearly,  hate distorts what is seen and attaches, non attachment steps back and observes to re-solve the issue.  Love is simply joining with universal intelligence. This intelligence is life itself.  We did not create life, we were created by it.  The intelligence I speak of is not human intelligence, it is homestasis that is programmed for equilibrium and balance, it is wholeness that recalibrates the opposites. The opposites are different qualities which catalyse creativity when the negative aspects do not take root in the psyche.  We believe our thoughts wholeheartedly as we have not questioned for real truth.  We hold our beliefs like religion (no mistake to use this) and we will not be questioned.  Thus there are moves to shut down those who question as the one shutting down is unable to face the truth of their part in the conflict. It takes real courage to face oneself, this is what is avoided through blaming others, it is a clever diversion and it comes from unconsciousness.  When you become conscious you notice the games you play to be ‘right’. This is where the real work of peace must start.  I recommend Byron Katie as she is awake, no longer suffering and in what would be called a state of grace.  When you deeply question for truth you see concepts fall away like mist on a sunny day, you realise you believed the mist to be real, but in the light of awareness is evapourates. That is where truth takes you and many do not want to go there for fear of their own world collapsing and the vulnerability of being wrong. yet from a mistake a portal opens to greater enlightenment as a great weight shifts, truth is liberating.  No-one is the monster portrayed, they believe in defence against attack rather than problem solving. Yet the first strategy combined with preemptive attacking evokes cause and effect, the other reacts and this is the spiral of conflict which those supplying arms profit from.  They want endless wars not resolution and this is the issue on the planet today.  The gold bar or the earth, as Al Gore wisely stated.  Egoic defence or self realisation for the future of your young people.  Abuse transfers from one generation to the next, as the victim card is played over and over as the narrative.  What I loved about the beautiful jewish woman I interviewed in the US was that she moved from victim to victor by forgiving the German’s and preaching love.  This was the message of Jesus and Mohammad. Who is listening?

I send love to Israel and may they and the Palestinians find inner peace as only this will resolve the Middle East crisis.  What is inner peace?  It is the peace that passeth all understanding.  It is love. It is forgiveness. It is realisation that what we believe, when negative, is never true.  Our journey through life is to realise this truth.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”