Fahrenheit 11/9: Are We Losing Our Democracy?

BLOG:  Peace is Our True Nature

Susan from Worldpeacefull comments on Michael Moore’s latest film FAHRENHEIT 11/9 appears the mirror of 9/11.

What is your reflection?

It is really the next step 11/9 2.0. The war on terror led to the door of fascism, same same but different?

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How Dark Money Can Elect Politician’s and Shape USA

The same questions asked by the US Congresswoman apply to Australia given the powerful influence of US interests here and the fact Australia is trending to follow the US model.

I found this Congresswoman by chance when I noticed a misogynist and ageism response to her speech, it inspired me to investigate her.  I… Continue reading

Public Interest Advocacy Centre Sydney

There has to be a government and community overview of those vulnerable in our community who are not represented.  They are particularly vulnerable given homelessness, poverty and low education as rights are not known to them.  If we are as a society serious about stopping abuse and violence we must start to discuss… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”