Will the Youth Become Another Brick (byte) on the Wall Street?

When I was young I watched this movie.  As teenagers we used to smoke to this and imagine breaking out of the mind control in altered states of infinite possibility.

I believe Pink Floyd were very brave as they challenged the control structures of their day.  Today we are contending with cyber realities that are configured in the shape of fun, games, levels and tailoring education for the kids.  Yet what kids really need is present parents, they need to have friends and get outside in the fresh air and to dream big about who they become.  It is less control, less intrusion and more guidance and inspiration to take them to higher places to realise life is working for them not against.  To recognise the greatness in themselves, as Patch Adams wisely stated.  When I am with children I see how they are not bounded by the conventions of their parents, how willing they are to explore and discover when adults shut down, how curious they are as they want to know about their world, they have questions and they wonder who they really are.

I am a teacher of peace education, values and anti-bullying.  If I had a say I would create schools in the shape of a circus where they learn team work, values, fun as learning and performing to their highest levels.  I wish I had done this as a young child.  Instead I did gymnastics and hurt my back, for me.  Later I realised clowning was the key to expression, friendship, peace, humour and creativity breaking the levies of a conforming world that doesn’t question the very tethers that incarcerate what is without boundary.  I know when children come from families that model evolved behaviours, live in societies that understand the purpose of work/life balance, communities that treat each other as family and attend places to learn more they are taken on journey’s that unlock the potential of a humanity that lay dormant at this time.  I always knew as a child we were far more than we thought.  I knew that I had something inside me that was wise but I couldn’t articulate it as my dyslexia and criticism came out as stuttering and embarrassment at times.  I didn’t read until I was 17.  Yet this lack of reading opened a world where I created my own life rather than enjoying the world of others.


Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”