Dreaming of a New Reality


A Book of Jewels


The beautiful jewel,

Cannot be seen,

For it is in the unseen that beauty is created,

And you are creating beauty,

In ways unseen.


The book of life,

Cannot be edited once written,

For the story is the journey,

One can reflect,

And create new chapters,

For the ending can always be changed.


You have chosen to return home,

For home is where the heart is,

Many strive after objects,

For they feel they have nothing,

Many strive for status,

For they feel they don’t belong,

Many seek friends,

For they are afraid of aloneness,

Yet you are seeking aloneness,

Seeking not to belong,

Seeking nothing,

For within no action,

You can only be,

And to be human,

Is to see a human being,

And this is the great secret to life.


Keep going within,

For when you go without.

You go with-out.


Wisdom is not an intellectual exercise,

It comes from pain,

It comes from lovelessness,

It comes from seeing the game,

For the game is a play,

Many play with the truth,

Pedal myths,

Generate spin,

For they are in a hall of mirrors,

Where to look one cannot see,

One self.


For the faces of lives are masks,

We mask who we are,

We play with the image,

We play with the style,

We walk single file,

For we have not learned to walk the path,

And sit a while.


For it is in the silence,

That the noise cannot exist,

It is in peace that conflict disappears,

For unconditional love,

Is peace in action,

And when one has no conditions to love,

There is a limitlessness,

Life is an expanse,

For the horizon is expanding,

And each story passes away,

As the pages of time flutter in turn,

And fiction becomes fact,

For it is in dreams that reality is found,

For reality is dreamed,

And we are dreaming a new reality,

For only imagination is the limit,

Fear is the road block,

So simply go around the blocks,

And ignore the limits,

For the road is open,

All seasons.


So my friend,

The wise owl,

The one who sits at the branch,

Remain in space,

Remain in time,

For your truth is a beacon,

Your life is a precious breath,

And each moment brings you closer to home,

For you are never alone,

With truth.


To spend each day in freedom,

A sovereign being is a precious gift,

Learning from the masters is an honourable pastime,

For the future,

For you are keeping company with the masters,

They are neither above or below,

They simply know that waking,

Is a decision to open ones inner eyes,

And you have made that decision,

For the camel to move through a needle,

One must reverse all logic,

One must leap and then look,

One must respond to the song that grips the heart,

For this is the inspiration that connects the many to one,

For love is the answer,

And god lives in the eyes of love,

So look within for love,

There you will find god,

Looking lovingly back at you,

For to pre-serve life,

Is to serve the life created,

And this is what creates your life.

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”